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When you're only 2 weeks old and you just want to take your time going down the balance beam. Baby sister has other ideas.
Flo the #pug may be blind but that doesn't stop her from shouting her pal a cosmo at the bar
This little #baby #possum (or #opossum) crawled up to me in the street... obviously hurting and desperate for help, half his mouth was bitten off and he had punctures on his body too... luckily, there was an #emergency #veterinarian still open a half mile away. They took him in, and are treating his wounds and holding him for the night. Tomorrow he will be picked up by #projectwildlife where he will have an opportunity to recover and live the life he deserves!!! Victory!!! #animal #babyanimal #babyanimalsofinstagram #rescue #animalrescue #saved #happy #life #love
A kiss from Bertie at Doggy Daycare #whippet
These tractor tyres are bigger than you think!
When it's your first time on the #treestumpobstacle and your baby sister starts showing off
Trying to sleep and your sister be like let's play #zerochill
Playing with his baby sister Betty Boo on the balance beam in the doggy daycare playground
Sunning himself on the deck
Billy Bob is soooo happy to be involved in anything and dress ups with his fur brother Wallace is no exception! Wallace is not so impressed!
Leading the pack at Doggy Daycare on Small Dog Day
First day at doggy daycare and making friends already
Checking out his new playground - the doggy daycare playground. With his half sister Betty Boo (DOB 13/07/2017)
The first day Billy Bob came to his new home and met his new human family.
Billy Bob is bottle fed cow's milk and lives inside with us because his mum rejected him as he was her first. We love him with all our heart. This is Elle his human sister feeding him his bottle.
Billy Bob got a warm bubble bath in the soup pot. He's now super clean and fluffy.
Introducing Billy Bob Hornton. He likes head scratches, hot water bottles, milk and the pantry. His mumma rejected him but he found a new loving family of humans, dogs and goats living life on a farm and running a country doggy daycare.