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People are always asking me why I went vegan, so I thought I'd share with you guys my main reasons! 🐷 For the animals - over 56billion animals are killed every year, not even including fish and other sea creatures.. (watch @earthlingsfilm ) 🌱 For my health - Did you know the most common cause of death is currently heart disease, of which 50% are omnivores, 15% vegetarian, and only 4% vegans.(Watch @forksoverknives ) 🌎 For the environment - animal agriculture is the single greatest contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. Even more than all cars, trains, planes, boats combined! (Watch @cowspiracy ) I'm definitely going to elaborate further on each of these topics, but if you want more info on them, the docos listed are so eye opening 🙏🙌🍎🐢🍃
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