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Steamy hot summer evenings are what make summer so sweet ☀️ 📸: @copenhagenwheel
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Come with me if you want to live.
I know, I know...everyone starts a post with...'sorry I haven't been posting as much!!' and no one honestly even knows they've been gone. 🙊 Absences are hard to notice on Instagram & that's totally cool. Thats the nature of this social media platform. But *I've* been noticing my absence because I honestly miss posting as often. But! My day job is coaching year-round swimming 🤗🏊‍♀️ ...and during the Summer our practice time typically DOUBLES. ✌🏼 So I've been running from pool to pool, coaching kids and attending swim meets. It's really cool (and rewarding) job but I'm looking forward to more balance in my life. I'm enjoying developing friendships & collaborating with my people on here. In the meantime, I'll keep updating as we settle in to our new home, sharing life stories, & posting my photography work. Check out my stories for more consistent updates. So anyway, that's my little check-in. Hi! 💁🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️
First TBT. At least five years ago before I had a gram account. @r0ssiann
Fire in the hole!! 🔥 jalapeño shot! #atx
The queen of sas back at it again with the bag flip😎 #atx #austin #goodfood
All you need is love 😍💖 #graffitiart #atx #bdayweekend #imfeeling23 #loveyou #love
Celebrated @Lyft's glorious return to #ATX this week. Mad props to @jrhorton1991 for throwing an epic party. #LyftAustinWeird #lyft #tbt