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# 顧客満足を実現する、自社の重要な要素は従業員である。 従業員のスキルが高く、かつモチベーションが高い状態が維持されていないと顧客は満足しない。顧客満足を実現する、従業員を大切にする事は必然的でもある。 アメリカで毎年、顧客満足度の高い企業ランキングで上位に名を連ねる、サウスウエスト航空の話がある。 同社は「従業員第一、顧客第二主義」といった書籍でも解説していましたが、エンパワメントがコミュニケーションに力を入れたりする。あるいは、明るい職場作りを行ったりすることで従業員を大事にし、その結果として顧客満足を上げる事に成功しました。 しかし、これはアメリカだけの話ではない。 ヤマト運輸の小倉昌男 元社長も宅急便という新事業を始めるにあたって、「サービスが先、利益が後」「従業員が先、荷物は後」「車が先、荷物が後」「安全第一、営業第二」など、まずは顧客満足に繋がる仕組みに投資するという戦略を打ち出した事で、後の成功に繋がりました。 今でこそ、いろいろと問題となっておりますが、今のヤマト運輸があるのは、顧客満足を実現する従業員を大切にしてきたからだと言えます。 この顧客満足(CS)と従業員満足(ES)が、好循環を描きながら増幅していくモデルを、サティスファクションミラー、鏡面効果と言いますが、これを今の私の課題として取り組んでいます。 画像/8年前 #自宅 #vegan #veganfood #veggies #veganlife #health #店長もどき #motivation #assignments #task #live #従業員を大切にしたい #願望
More Tips (4) Help them to focus on the next challenge. It can be helpful to your son or daughter to review the subject or subjects immediately ahead. Simple questions such as, what is up next? Are there any compulsory sections? Are there any predictable questions? These questions can be useful in helping your child devise a study schedule for the time available before the next exam. (5) Help them maintain a well-balanced daily routine. You should ensure your son/daughter has a proper balance between study and rest. After an exam they need time to rest and recharge before they can do any beneficial study for the next subject. Late-night study sessions are not always advised. (6) A good night’s sleep improves exam performance. All study should end at least an hour before bedtime to allow the student to unwind before sleep. To help relaxation at this time, simple treats such as a hot bath, or some simple breathing exercises to slow down the body and mind can result in a refreshing night’s sleep. It is not advisable to fall straight into bed from the study desk as your mind will be buzzing for hours as you attempt to get to sleep. (7) You are what you eat. What you eat and drink affects your performance in any activity, especially one involving mental sharpness. As a parent you should try to ensure your son or daughter has nutritious food during the coming weeks, starting with breakfast each morning, the lunch they take with them to school, their evening meal, as well as snacks during the day. Grazing on junk food is very tempting at times of increased stress. Avoid this at all costs. #Education #K12 #Teachers #ALLAGES #ALLSUBJECTS #osogbohomeTutor #TECHOMETUTORS #Iteach #Homework #Assignments #Examinations #Parents
It's meeting time! Work in progress! Now that we have introduced you to our team members it’s time to keep you updated with our progress towards the EMCup! Have a lovely Monday! #technology #startedfromthebottom #staytuned #saxion #apeldoorn #hotelmanagement #hospitality #emcup2018 #thenetherlands #thenetherlands🇳🇱 #intosaxion #hotech #mondaymotivation #paper #assignments
@TECHOMETUTORS, happy new week. TECparents! Are you a #parent? You need this and more! For many parents having a son or daughter take examinations in weeks brings back waves of fear and anxiety. For many parents this sense of dread leaves them feeling overwhelmed and powerless in assisting their child to successfully negotiate their way through the weeks of exams. You can do a huge amount now to support your son or daughter, to make the experience for the whole family a rigorous but not necessarily stressful one. Parents need to reassure their children that the examinations are not set out to catch them out. Rather the exams are designed to enable students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of each topic they have explored over the past few months. Tips for supporting your son or daughter. (1) Know the exam schedule. Pin the exam timetable up prominently at home, with each exam to be taken highlighted. Let your son or daughter know you're committed to her exams timetable and eventually the exams success! (2) Draw up a check list of daily requirements, based on the day’s exams. Make a final check each morning before you leave home, so your son or daughter is fully prepared for the day’s exams. Writing instruments along with the other requirements such as rulers, erasers, calculators, should be checked, along with reading glasses, water, and any non intrusive nourishment such as glucose sweets, or fruit. (3) Listen to the story of the day and move on. After each day’s exams allow your son or daughter to recount to you their daily story. Do not be tempted to review in detail with them any errors or omissions in the paper. Such a process achieves absolutely nothing, other than to increase the student’s stress levels. Simply allow them the time and space to tell their story and move on to the next challenge, the next exam. More on our Instagram and Facebook pages @TECHOMETUTORS. Call #TECHOMETUTORS today 07086513100 for exams help for #ALLAGES and #ALLSUBJECTS. #K12 #Education #Assignments #Homework #osogbohomeTutor #NigeriaTutor #AdultClass #FreeConsultation! @rave917fm @osogboconnect
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Gorgeous stomp out this morning. I love getting out no matter what the weather is. In fact I think I like walking in the rain the best. Now to sit in front of a computer to start my assignment. #walk #walking #walkingintherain #goodforthesoul #assignments #
Thank god for coffee ☕️
Depression is so common these days. This post is for all the people out there answering Boards this year. You don't always have to do what your parents tell you to. You don't need to prove anybody anything. Think and decide what YOU want and take a stand and go for it. Your marks will never define you. After a year or two no one is gonna look at your 12th marks and say wow you've achieved so much in life. Whatever you plan to do, make that thing the best ever that you can do. Don't stress on your marks. MARKS DO NOT DEFINE YOU. #fuckdepression Shot during my Assignment on #depression #anxiety #stress #shoots #assignments #photooftheday #picoftheday #indianphotography #dslrofficial #photographers_of_india