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I bought two coffees accidentally :c I wish I could give the other one to someone but I had to drink them all by myself :(
I got this in the mail today! I don’t know what it is but I like it!!! ————— Ps: hmu Pps: I think it’s me
There’s always that one person that posts and doesn’t answer you
What did I say? I said, "Taeyongie (babe) said that it would be nice to insert rap in this song (Try Again)". — Behind the Scene of #TryAgain ※※※※※※※ Addition notes: — Taeyong-hyung is rapper — Taeyong-hyung said it for a reason. It has connotative meaning. It means that he wanted to collab with me as a rapper in this song :V ※※※※※※※ Special tag: @teyongty_ :*
Kim Taehyung or V| 21 years old| single| hella dom| is a giant goof ball| loves animals| is hella lonely| loves adorable littles| will fight you if you mess with somebody he loves/cares for| needs friends| it’s very social unless someone interests him| loves public affection/teasing| hit him up!! • • • • #rp #roleplay #koreanrp #asianrp #koreanroleplay #korean #gayrp #kpoprp #kpoproleplay #nsfwroleplay #nsfwrp
㕕㕕Who cares about what is to come no I don't fear the night Let's show em what it is to be alive If nothing is for keeps, can I keep you just for a minute? I don't know what's real but I really wanna feel you now Get a little too close can I stop your heart for a moment? If I don't even care, is that really such a crime?㕕㕕 @greymusic @michaeltrewartha @kyletree @skottpeace 😍🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎤💥
Behind the Scene of #TryAgain ———————— How handsome Casper is.
I want to get shit face drunk and black out (and die but thats besides the pOint)
morning and I’m tired as fuck . . .
"Even if we're down to the wire babe, even if its do or die. We can do it baby, simple and plain, cause this love is a sure thing" ~ Gray #openrp #newopenrp #kpoprp #koreanrp #krp #singlerp #asianrp #openrpforboys #openrpforgirls #sexyrp #daddyrp🌸 #dirtyrp
•.•.•Jackson Wang•.•.• ——————— 19•looks like a bad boy but is soft™•Chinese but speaks Mandarin and Korean•Single,Looking•Gay• Honestly looking for someone who’ll cuddle him and treat him like the prince he is•very loyal•probably won’t love you as much as he loves his mom unless he feels you’re the one•innocent•”puppy Wang”•loves being called cute or handsome•in need of love and hugs•Is lonely so Hmu•
Happy happy happy baby boy. ~Jinyoung • • • • #rp #roleplay #koreanrp #asianrp #koreanroleplay #korean #gayrp #kpoprp #kpoproleplay #nsfwroleplay #nsfwrp
time for el death
yah um, I’m not really feeling so well