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Lute extraction 01 - The only excuse for posting this design is that I like it. I was playing with a previous design - The Lute of Pythagoras - trying to simplify it, when I stumbled on these interlinked spirals of triangles. There is a vague justification in that the successive tiers of triangles are related by the golden ratio. In addition, I'm so envious of the skills of some the artists here who create 3D folded paper structures, that I decided to add a drop shadow. Yes, I am shameless.
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Hi, there!🌱 If you haven't been following my artist page, @cromechicago , then you probably have never seen "Pollinate", featured here. - After moving to Chicago's southside gem, Bridgeport, I was inspired by a community full of urban gardeners. - If youve never walked around this neighborhood, I would guess that we have more urban farms than any communuty in Chicago. There's anywhere from 1-10 per block, easily. It's an incredible & refreshing sight to see. - We even have The Victory Gardens, which is an open space for the community to grow their own if they don't have the luxury to do so where they reside. - In 2014, I ended up creating a raised bed for my patio out of cabinet doors. I grew various vegetables; the next year I ended up focusing more on herbs, flowers, and essier produce to maintain. My time was limited between gallery, art expo planning, and more. - I began documenting by photographing what I planted, from seed to harvest. I found it so interesting that I began to paint watercolor studies of my potted plants. Nature became my muse. - Earlier this year, I was trying to come up with content to teach and paint for classes for @cromecreate! I chose to study this dandelion, but first with colored pencils. I liked it so much, I chose to take it further...by creating this. - Dandelions are one of the first to blossom, in which bees rely on in the spring to begin pollination. Killing them with pesticides is definitely a fine example of why bees are presently endangered. - Dandelions are more beneficial than your manucured lawn - there's really no comparison. The flower and leaves are edible and chock-full of nutrients! - It's one of the richest plants for magnesium and iron; containing also calcium, potassium, and sodium which all help to maintain healthy lungs. - "Pollinate" was the first in a highly anticipated series of wild flowers aka "weeds" I found and photographed. The idea was to showcase the beauty of each "weed", educate the masses on the irony of all the health benefits these pesky "weeds" contained, and to reveal natural remedies in our backyard! - Why would they want us to have access to natural cures, right?? - (Read more on Patreon!)
Harem #2 by Lalla Essaydi at Leila Heller Gallery. #theartinerary #abudhabiart
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Anger Management ____ 27 x 27 inch at 300dpi, 2017
「畜生道」 沖放崖 H45cm × W31cm 2017年 中国紙・墨 - 畜=玄は糸束をねじった形、田はその糸束を染める鍋の形。 生=草の生え出る形。 道=道=首と道路を意味する十字路による。征服した敵の首を携え、地霊を祓い清める形。 畜生道とは三悪道の一で、自ら為した悪行により、結果的に苦しみ厭う世界に堕すこと。 - Ancient Chinese character for 畜生道 (devildom) by 沖放崖 - H45cm × W31cm, 2017 Sumi ink on Chinese paper - #bokkoku #bok-koku #墨刻 #exhibition #artexhibition #artshow #展示会 #墨刻特別展 #sumi #sumiink #sumipainting #墨 #書道 #caligraphy #ancient #chinese #古代文字 #本覺寺 #gallery #artgallery #art #modernart #contemporaryart #performanceart #painting #modernpainting #artdealer #artcollector #artcurator #curator