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Sunday Morning Art Inspiration 1. Paul Kremer 2. Sheryl Zacharia 3. Lisa Lala 4. Heather Chontos 5. Beatriz Trepat 6. Audrey Bodisco 7. Mary Abbott 8. Elizabeth Barnett 9. Takeuchi Kouzo
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Blue. Pink. Blue. Pink. Blue. Pink. The squabble between Merryweather and Flora could have gone on forever. It wasn’t just to determine the best color. Merryweather had for too long lived in the wrong body, which resulted in her decision to use her magic powers to bring out her real identity. Though accepting at first, Flora was going through moments where Merryweather’s decision was hard to fully understand, especially because they were in charge of raising Princess Aurora. Neither of them seemed to be willing to give up. But soon, events would have brought them closer together...