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Today we give thanks to God for our Children! Psalm 127:3 shares “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him”. Our children, whether developing in a womb, toying with the idea of walking, toddling around our feet, keeping us busy with school and sports, preparing to launch into God’s plan and purpose for their life, or well established in their own independence are a GIFT from God to be thankful for. As we ponder our children, regardless where we as parents may find ourselves on the continuum of parenthood, be encouraged to reflect on ways your child or children have not only blessed your life, but how God has blessed you simply by allowing you to be the Shepherd He entrusted to tend to His precious little ones. Give thanks to the Lord for all that has come from being a parent, both the good and bad. Consider creating something for your children to express all the ways you have just given thanks. Pray and allow the Holy Spirit to share with you a method of delivery that would speak volumes to your child, or each of your children, uniquely. As we may know and understand, our Father does not love us equally, but uniquely. Today may be a wonderful opportunity to express your thanks as a representative of the Lord to your child, in unmatchless ways. How did your kiddos respond to your expression of thanks, towards them? Share with us, we are excited to know :) #12DaysofThanks2017
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Good morning Saturday!!! Ready to rock this weekend with my aromatherapy jewelry and some arise essential oil from Doterra's yoga collection. #arise #goodsaturdaymorning #letsdothis #healthyempoweredfamilies #empoweredmama #unstoppable aromatherapy bracelet by @embraceempowerment and pearl bracelets made by my momma! Check out her Facebook group to see what else she has for sale. Pearls by Su. https://m.facebook.com/groups/158995351499724 #talentedwomen #talentedmomma
Saturday notes from the hubby: Ty is out hunting with Wyatt this morning so this is in the freezer (campus corner ice), and a 20 oz pop is in the fridge. This will do!! It's the little things. #styrofoamcupnotes #oppositesdistract #arise
2017 has BEEN one of the CRAZIEST years to date... Yet all I can think to say is He’s STILL been good!!!!!!! #thankful #arise #devilyouthoughtyouhadme
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Revolution Rise! Rise! Rise! Then, arise! Fight lies and false tries Emphasize and energize But only if you realize you need to rise, rise, rise! In the word revolution, there is hidden but one solution: Think of LOVE... #revolution #love #rise #arise #poem #poems #poetry #poetrygram #poetrysociety #protest #motivation #inspiration #poëzie #liefde #revolutie #gedicht #gedichten
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