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NEW!! Sunday morning class at 09.30. Perfect start to the day, come along perhaps a little tense and tight and leave feeling rested and restored! #breathe #easetension #balanced #relaxandrestore #worthingyoga #yoga #westsussex #completebalance #anxiety #stress
Yes this is Christmas themed but no it does not only apply to Christmas!! I have to admit, I had a bad breakdown tonight but I came up with a care/crisis plan and I feel a little better already. The holidays are hard but guess what? You don't have to be alone during it. If you want to unleash your feelings on this post, comment. I will ALWAYS respond. If you need help, or even want someone to only listen, I'm here. Please don't keep it in or suppress it. #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #schizophrenia #schizoaffective #schizoaffectivedisorder #bipolar #bipolardisorder #bd #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #bpd #borderline #depression #anxiety #MDD #majordepressivedisorder #generalanxietydisorder #gad #ptsd #posttraumaticstressdisorder #autism #add #adhd
#PMHPhoto2017 photo challenge, Day 23 - Present I wanted to share how being in the present can help with anxiety. We can often find ourselves ruminating about the past or obsessing about the future, by doing either of these can lead us to feel anxious, or depressed. I find mindfulness, meditation and grounding tools very helpful for managing anxiety and especially for panic attacks. I really love mediation for managing stress. Mindfulness is all about being in the present, really taking notice of what you’re doing right then and there. So if you’re washing the dishes, take notice of the bubbles, how they feel against your skin, how the temperature of the water feels, the sound of the bubbles and splash of water. It’s easy to let your mind wander, and we all do it, but each time it does bring it back into the present. You can practice it a couple of times a day, and it will become easier and more natural. When I feel a panic attack coming I use it to take myself away from the panic in my brain. I also really enjoy guided meditation, you can find so many videos on YouTube, they can really help you relax. As with most things it’s practice, at first it may be difficult to concentrate and you may not feel many benefits, but keep trying and you may find it helps with anxiety. You can find more info at www.bemindful.com Obviously this may not be for everyone, but it’s always good to try out different things, you may find something that you enjoy. You can join in with our photo challenge, it’s never to late! Share your images using hashtag #pmhphoto2017 . . . . . . #mindful #mindfulness #meditation #calm #grounding #anxiety #postnatalanxiety #postnataldepression #pnd #ppd #postpartum #postpartumdepression #postpartumanxiety #ocd #maternalocd #mummyblogger #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthblogger #meditate
Since getting back from holiday I feel like I can’t stop eating crap 😫 it’s like now I no longer have the pressure of needing to wear a bikini, the motivation to eat healthily has just gone and I’m making up for all the chocolate and biscuits I’ve ‘missed out on’ lately 😫🙈 it’s doing my head in, complete self-sabotage - I’ve gained 4 pounds in the last couple of days 🐳 massively need a big injection of motivation 😫 #eatclean #health #healthy #fitness #weightloss #weightlossjourney #balance #edrecovery #iifym #flexibledieting #gym #commitment #motivation #depression #anxiety #focus #fitfam #fitfamuk #instafit #healthylifestyle #positivity #strongnotskinny
Day 3 of Thanksgiving week of Gratitude. Thankful for the invisible force in nature that pulls us along whether we choose to recognize or resist it- change is happening every day. Just as the moon phases change, so does the oceans tides & seasons change. Some change we choose for ourselves and others nature chooses for us. Avoiding progression only forces it to show up in our lives in moments of hardship & unhappiness . In the last 3 months, so much has changed for me. I want to share my story about anxiety & depression to help others deal with this devastating & crippling invisible pain. Overnight, my world was turned upside down. Every cell in my body became foreign. I felt alienated by my own mind and physical body. None of the tools in my regular practice of breath work, meditation, or yoga could help. It all suddenly felt like bullshit, the pain felt above and beyond. I was paralyzed. I’ve gone to so many appointments in the last quarter of the year combining western, eastern & alternative healing. I’m just now learning how to deal with a more holistic approach that makes sense for me. There’s so much I want to say here to an underserved community that are not assisted by our healthcare system bc our condition cannot be measured. Instead I’ll say this: I am grateful for the change that brings to surface the huge release of traumas, grief, and to make peace with fear so that I may liberate myself. There was a time when my world felt so dark it felt like my feet would never leave the floor again in my inversion practice. Let it all come to surface, let change happen. This is all water, we are made of water, everything is temporary . What would it look like if instead of labeling mental health issues we instead called it ‘change’? In western culture we’re quick to put a label or diagnosis not just on illnesses, but gender, race, sexuality issues. What if instead we shared our stories and fears to help normalize and humanize the pain & experiences of others? Share your story here & click the link in my profile to an amazing documentary called ‘Heal’ and the body’s intuitive way to heal itself
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✖ I didn't care that I failed at first but now the realization is torture ✖
My loving and caring friends MissChief @misschief_missy_moo and Odin and Freyja @odin_freyja tagged me in the #stayalivechallenge 🖤 I was asked to post a #blackandwhitephoto to bring awareness to depression and suicide 🖤 Depression is a debilitating illness that affects one both mentally and physically. People who suffer from mental illness cannot just “get over it” or “snap out of it.” And those who make suicidal statements are not “attention seeking” or “just being dramatic.” There is nothing funny about depression or suicide. So, please, if you know someone who needs help, then please help him/her. And help NOW, not “maybe tomorrow or the next day,” because it could literally mean the difference between life and death. Please also remember to be kind, loving and caring toward one another, not only during the holiday season, but always. No one should ever feel alone or feel as though no one cares. *National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255* (swipe left) This is a poem for my beautiful friend Leigh @leighgreenthorn who bravely fights every day to end the stigma surrounding mental illness through her poetry 🖤 She fights the battle for those of us who can’t 🖤 Love you! 🖤 #helpsomeone #helpsomebody #listen #love #depression #anxiety #bipolar #mentalhealth #mentalillness #endthestigma #gethelp #askforhelp #suicideprevention #timetotalk #ineedhelp #youarenotalone #icare #dontgiveup #askforhelp #ptsd #stopthestigma #keepfighting #surroundedbylove #shouldertocryon #help #suicideisnottheanswer
Anna is amazing! You really ought to follow her. Her stories are hilarious. Her YouTube videos are so helpful and to the point and now her new venture with the @blom_cards she does even more to help people overcome negative feelings and everything that goes with this. #Repost @mamas_scrapbook ( @get_repost) ・・・ You’re a failure. A mess. You know the labels you apply to yourself in the silence of your mind? The words you speak internally within the shadow of your thoughts? They define everything. They define your relationships, the decisions you make, how much you let people love you. These words affect every facet of your life. Sit in front of the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes. For if the eyes are the window to your soul, who do you see? What do you feel? The very thought of doing this makes me want to cry a little. It’s achingly challenging, revealing, stripping away of everything that we show of ourselves - the external presentation, the masks we wear, the verbal barriers and rationalisations. Who am I? A tangled mess of faltering acceptance. Labels and names given to me by others (purposefully or accidentally, loving or unloving) have been matted with my own true view of myself. I love myself more than I have ever done before but I’ve got a long way to go. Obviously, I’m taking the twisty rollercoaster route (the only real route worth taking) but I’m moving all the same. Self criticism needs to be transformed into self compassion. Self abuse into self care. Intolerance into patience. Cruelty to kindness. Little by little by little by little, until what you see when you really look into your eyes, is something worth loving. That, in turn, affects everything else. Reflection for #mindfulnovember #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #selflove #selfcare #selfworth #selfie #selfhelp #selfdevelopment #love #reflection #anxiety #anxietyquotes #depression #depressionquotes #wisdom #therapy #psychology #mumlife #mummy #motherhood #instaquote #instamum #mumblogger #momlife #momlife