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Oh Wonder ✨// 10.16.2017 //shot for @kcrw 🌹💕
Hope you enjoy my first meme :)
19 // finally decided to make a new theme because i was getting bored of my old one!! this ones going to be b&w with a pastel colour💫 / also!! if you'd like to be involved in my project message me and i can send you the info :)
I love them both so much, I wish I could have seen them tonight.
Hey guys, this is going to be an oh wonder fan account now, if you want to keep in touch with me, or like twenty one pilots follow my main account @carefuldun. Thank you for understanding.
when you've been busting your ass to finish your homework but coffee is life
when your finals are coming up - Update: me for the next 3 days
First concert was great!!! #ohwonder
Oh Wonder....Lovin' You. What a song!! #ohwonder #anthonywest #houseofbluesdallas #loveourmusic
🌈 technicolor beat 🌈 // @ohwondermusic at @brooklynsteel
Josephine is my spirit animal @ohwondermusic
— oh wonder ,, my loves 💗 • so last night i got the chance to see @ohwondermusic for the third time and it was the best concert i've ever been to (counting the other two i've been to). i have endless love and appreciation for these two incredible people that have changed my life so greatly. i love you, jose and ant, thank you. – ac // idk but if you wanna find it shazam it :) – dt // @ohwondermusic pls tag them – ft // @iamjosephinevg @antwestmusic — tags // #edit #fcp #fcpedit #fanacc #videoedit #ohwonder #ohwondermusic #antwest #anthonywest #josevanders #listentolayla #josephinevandergucht #iamjosephinevg #antwestmusic