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I've been visiting Newfoundland since 2009 and on each trip I was hoping to get a glimpse of a Cross Fox. Since I don't ask others for locations it meant lots of searching with no luck but to me it's more rewarding when a sighting occurs because I've worked for it and I've spent time exploring. This year I was finally rewarded!! I had wandered off our chosen path to admire the view when I turned around and this beautiful Cross Fox was standing 15 feet away just watching me. I couldn't contain my excitement and might have squealed a tiny bit and the fox looked at me and then continued on her way. I didn't pursue her so it was a short sighting but so special. Now I knew where to start my search for her again 🦊 (The logo was created from a photo I posted of her earlier but since it was a silhouette you couldn''t tell what a big deal that photo was for me as there was no way to discern it was a Cross Fox!) #canadianwildlife #ourcanada #shot_canada #AnmlsWorld #animalelite #animaladdicts #bestwildlife #bestofwildlife #discoverwildlife #exclusive_animals #WildlifePlanet #wildlifeseekers #AnimalsAddict #amazinwildlife #EarthPix #splendid_animals #EarthCapture #igcutest_animals #lenscoat #gettheshot #thatsanimals #sharecangeo @canoncanada #opcmag #explorenl #canoncanada150 @canoncanada
Gumbo, 65lbs, defluffer & squeaker-seeker. Thinks he's quite the CHOMPION. . . You can now find the ultimate #destroyersclub collection from @barkshop. They have bundles or individual toys. The bundles are fun because they have specific toys for thrashers, shredders, de-fluffers, squeaker-seekers. . Use can use the code "MYCANINELIFE" and get a free bully stick with any purchase in the barkshop
Goofball 😊😍 ------- I'm going home for two weeks, so I'm boarding Denali tomorrow for 16 nights and I already miss him!! 😢
Helpppp! This cat is out of service!😹 #fieldsthecat
Someone was sleepy 🤣 She feel asleep with a treat in her mouth ~Mom
Got featured on Golden.retriever.today ,thanks guys❤️
#FeelingBlue Snack time soon? ( oh wait, I just ate)
If Nana in Peter Pan can do it, so can I! 🐶👶🏻🚼 #nannydog #newjob