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Well guys. I got about 2k words in today which was pretty low. I'm still going, but I picked up #KnightsofEnmity book 1 to look back at something and found one of my favorite pages. This is how I envision the knights of the round table. Trust me, you'll love them lol. . . . #amwriting #writersofig #bookstagram #writerslife #bookquotes #reading #urbanfantasy #readers #writingcommunity #magic #writing #WIP #excerpt #knights #quotes #manifesting #authorgram #authorsofinstagram #mythology #mystical #book #wordporn #booklover #novel #readersofinstagram
"Izzy's Fire: Finding Humanity in the Holocaust," by Nancy Wright Beasley. Her book is a poignant, yet inspiring story of survival & of resilience. I've read & highly recommend it. πŸ“– This is the author's #bookreview: (https://www.c-span.org/video/?192514-2/izzys-fire-finding-humanity-holocaust) on BookTV.org; it is only about 5 minutes long.πŸ’» (This is where I keep "Izzy's Fire" on my books & journals. My photo: #inknscroll)πŸ“šπŸ’• ----- Amazon's Review: Beasley's book "tells the harrowing, yet hope-filled true story of 5 Lithuanian Jewish families during the Holocaust who escaped Kovno Ghetto and were ultimately hidden - and saved - by a Catholic farm family. All 13 Jews ended up living in a 9’x12’x4’ underground hole as WW2 raged around them. Some lived underground for about seven months before being liberated. ----- "Beasley draws from personal interviews, research and numerous memoirs, including extensive memoirs from Israel "Izzy" Ipson, who helped his family escape from Kovno Ghetto... The Ipps, as they were known then, relocated to Richmond following their liberation and later changed their name to Ipson. Their story has been re-created at the Virginia Holocaust Museum in Richmond, Virginia." ----- Dr. Michael Berenbaum, project director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (1988-1993) & author of "The World Must Know: The History of the Holocaust as Told in the U.S. Memorial Holocaust Museum," says, "Izzy's Fire is filled with the passion of one woman determined to do justice to the story of another woman who lived in hiding throughout the war years. The war has soul. One feels the intensity of the struggle to survive. One senses the decency of those who were ready to rescue and the evil that haunted a mother and father and their young child in the dangerous world they lived. ... According to author Adriana Trigiani, "Nancy is a passionate, dedicated writer who has written a searing story, sure to capture readers with "Izzy's Fire." She proves herself to be a storyteller who uses firsthand accounts and research with equal resolve." (The author's scripture in the beginning of "Izzy's Fire" is #Is4031 - one of my favorite scriptures, too.)
My MacBook battery died (how very dare it) so I'm kicking it old school over lunch. Two thing. I love agadeshi tofu with a passion. And also, see that orange and blue pen? I nabbed Ito make notes with before MCing at my sister in law's wedding in 2013 and I have used it to plot pretty much every book I have written since. I don't know if it's a lucky charm because it heralds from such a loved up day, but I will mourn it if it ever runs dry of ink! @live.clean.life
Oh, you bad Snapchat. You bad.
Superb read. A how-to for historical fiction writers. It's all about building suspense. #amreading #amwriting #historicalfiction #biofiction
Just a few pics that are synonymous with my books 'Destiny's Foreshore' and 'Destiny's Hollywood,' which I am giving away as part of the #authorhop currently running (see my previous post). These pics for me, represent parts of the story that I loved writing. #boston #massachusetts #usa #charlesriver #foreshore #cityscape #skyline #lights #oscars #academyawards #privatejet #passport #celebrity #moviestar #hollywood #actor #sixflags #amusementpark #rollercoaster #writerslife #amwriting #inspiration #bookstagram #romance #love #destinysforeshore #destinyshollywood
to always fill your hollows. #poetryaintdeadyet
Got the window seat today. I'm at the halfway point in this draft of my new #yafantasy. The book is called The Spy in the Silver Palace. #fantasy #amwriting #writing #author #books #comingsoon #jordanrivet #youngadult #yalit
"Had I really succeeded at anything else, I might have never found the determination to succeed in the one area where I truly belonged." -JK Rowling on failure ✨I'm working on a blog post inspired by this quote...all about my career in academia πŸ€“ and how it looks waaaaay better on paper and what it means for my future (and my dreams!) I hope it will be useful for any of you who are curious about a career in education, or maybe an insight into your college instructors πŸ‘©β€πŸ« hehe but most of all it's about following my dreams and I hope it inspires you to follow yours too πŸ’•
I really fell behind with my goals this month. I'm not quite sure what happened. I'm frustrated, but I know I'm the only one who can changed things around for myself. So I might not finish the book this month but I want to at least hit 70k and then finish early October. #wordcount #amwriting #claraandezra #wip #sequel #books #wordly #app #54k #author #writer #indieauthor #published
#RealMamaTalk: Let's talk about being vulnerable. I'm in that time of the semester where I'm teaching the personal narrative essay. It brings up some interesting things. The stories that my students are drawn to tell initially are the easy ones - the look at me and my perfect, un-scary simple life! Those are fine and all! But not for the essay. Because a narrative essay needs some sort of conflict. By the end, the main character (you) must change, whether that be internal or external/small or big. Often times a handful of students are afraid to be vulnerable. Who can blame them? This platform here, Instagram, promotes the most anti-vulnerable platform that exists in 2017. Being perfect is in, and people are subconsciously trained to be on board with that. Me? I have a problem with that. As a writer, professor, now a mama, I think it is as important more than ever to learn to be VULNERABLE. To show your humanity -- below the surface. Honestly, even scrolling through those #perfectmamas IG pages can be exhausting. They can lead me to think, who am I? Where is my perfect house? Perfect pup? Perfect life? Then I look around: it's right here. Our situation is less than ideal -- we are living in my younger sister's bedroom, the three of us. Nick is gone all week for school and comes back on weekends. It is hard. It is hard to not be where you thought you would be. But that's the perfect thing about story -- is that the "middle" is the hardest thing to endure. And if it was perfect perfect perfect all the time -- there would be no story to tell. And let me tell you, there are always things lurking below the surface, probably even more so of those perfect IG accounts you follow. They could be wildly unhappy, feel unrealistic amounts of pressure to perform the caricature they have created online. Who knows. It might be different than mine or your conflicts -- but we ALL have something. So instead of feeling ashamed that I didn't bring my little monkey into our own home, we are surrounded by my family all the time. This boy knows social skills and love like no other. The blessings outweigh the bad thoughts. So I thought I would share this (continue reading ⬇️)
Feels good to hit my Sept goal of 20k words done for #TheBodyMan Onward, upward. I have a novel to finish. #writerslife #amwriting #nextgoal