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When your day sucks, there are always puppies. And know that it's okay to have sucky days. Rain falls on the good and the wicked and even the puppies, too, so you KNOW sucky days aren't always a reflection on you. 💕🐾
I found the most amazing chocolate brownie from a local farm shop! It's so good that it's not even worth trying and making it myself! 😝 Happy Wednesday! Today I'm back on working in the evenings and I'm happy! Just over two weeks and it's September! Time is going too fast, except it will be school term again and that's not so bad! 🙈🙊 . #almosttheendofaugust #almostendofschoolholidays #chocolatebrownies #tooyummy #driedflowers #pressedflowers #happytobebackatwork
Skye sunsets 🌅💕
"Our time is the time of fairy tales" (Hans Christian Andersen) Feeling like a princess at the castle next to the Hans Christian Andersen Museum 👑👸
:: reminiscing about this wonderful garden filled with the heavenly scent of sweet peas whilst feeling completely over the moon for my dearest friend and her hubby who welcomed to the world their beautiful little sweet-pea and bundle of joy, baby boy Charlie in the very early hours of this morning! All the warm fuzzy, clucky feels here! 🌱💛👶🏻
I think we've all been enjoying Wales. ⠀ ⠀ Fresh air and so much green, it's one of the most beautiful places in the World. ⠀ ⠀ I have a feeling we'll be back at some point. ⠀ ⠀ #Photalife #beaumaris #nature_specialist #seekthesimplicity #searchwandercollect #natureseekers #theartofslowliving #landscapelover #landscape_capture #slowlivingforlife #exploretocreate #neverstopexploring #landscape_photography #lovegreatbritain #landscape_specialist #amomentofwonder #quietinthewild
Playing with ideas..
🚲 Today was a good day. I attended a new pilates class and I survived - a small midweek victory! ✨ I've always preferred running and swimming to group exercise. I enjoy the freedom of going at my own pace and having the space to think. Are you a fan of group exercise or are you more of a lone wolf? #enjoytimeoffline
this is some kids art. I really enjoy kids art. it's so free. no boundaries holding them back. no "style" to put them in a box. just them. and their imagination. I never want my imagination to 'grow up'. I don't want it to be 'realistic'. reasonable. chained up. I want it to be wild. free. blowing minds. believing things that seems impossible, needs a miracle. then there's only room for one thing. Him. let's make art like kids. with our wild imaginations. #kidsart #wildimagination
An Orange Swift This very pretty fellow then moved onto my hand, quivering its little feathery antennae. It was such an intense burnt orange -very lovely! Also a Garden Carpet and a Hebrew Character popped by -so an exciting start to the day! There will be a live Moth event at BirdFair -is it any wonder I want to go! 😂
I love getting my copy of @molliemakes through the post every month...always such a treat! ❤️ This month our little Dachshund card is featured, alongside lots of other lovely sausagey treats, created by other amazing small businesses...Honoured to be along side such beautiful products! @abbieimagine @rockcakes @bryonyfripp @maryshousedesigns @barkinghenjewellery p.s How BEAUTIFUL are these flowers my husband grew ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . #illustrator #illustration #floral #bloomandgrow #freeupmyinsta #colourinmysquare #loveliest4 #inspirewithblooms #amomentofwonder #happyselves #lovelyairylove #livethelittlethings #inspiremyinstagram #flashesofdelight #print #wallart #etsy #etsyseller #colourful #noths #nothspartner #darlingmovement #postitfortheaesthetic #kinfolk #daschund #sausagedog #handmade
After spending all summer in (a chilly) Norway I'm having some major warm weather #wanderlust. Can't wait to head back to SE Asia with Mila and make new videos with her!
It's an amazing feeling, when you come back home and there are so many new awesome places to discover. This small modern coffee place opened in Zhytomyr, Ukraine 1,5 months ago. ☕ I was pleasantly surprised with the relaxed atmosphere, personalized approach, and an open owner who took time to sit down with us, talk about coffee, her business and family. Damn, she even gave us her phone to take a few photos! That's what I call service.😉 #coffeeandseasons Как же, все-таки, приятно, когда возвращаешься в родной город, а там открылось столько красивых и интересных мест. 🙌 Сегодня мы с @garkiushka зашли в @gray_coffee.zt, молодую кофейню в Житомире, которая открылась всего 1,5 месяца назад. Приятно поразили две вещи: приятный, современный интерьер и совершенно домашний, простой и душевный подход к посетителям. Хозяйка Gray Cafe нашла время рассказать нам о своем бизнесе, способах варки кофе (если вы -кофеман, вам определенно нужно сюда зайти! Тут варят качественный, вкусный кофе и в каждую чашку добавляют ложечку волшебства! ☕✨), и даже одолжила нам свой телефон, чтобы мы могли сделать несколько фотографий. Сервис! ☝😉 А еще, у них есть черные и красные вафли для мороженого! Эстетам - сюда! 🍦
#ontheblog: 3 Things I've Learnt from @squarepad's 📸 Photography 📸 Workshop. Click on the #linkinbio for some #InstagramTips!
Some simple garden pickings today arranged inbetween cleaning and planting out the foxgloves🍃 Montbretia is prolific this year in the garden... love its bright orangey hue👌
After hours of walking through flowers under the Summer sun, we stopped for a rest in the Savill Garden restaurant. Decked out with old, furniture; peeling paint, washed out colour and character. As I sat to drink my coffee (a rare drink for me), I noticed the shelf behind our table harboured a selection of curious nature themed books. On the woodlands, animals, fungi. This one in particular, The Observer's Book of Wild Flowers grabbed my attention. I opened it up on this page which funnily enough shows the wild strawberry (something I've not so successfully grown this year). Now in search of a copy of this book. Do you have any botanical books you love to browse? #booksandflowers #natureonthepage #wildflowerlove #botanicalbooks #bookish
Fossil hunters of Deal - doing our Mary Anning thing. Does anyone have any clue what this is?!