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Eres mi amor eterno , mi ángel de la Guardia ! No importa que sea un dia , una década o una eternidad siempre vamos a estar juntos ! #iloveyou #amoremio #almost19 #l4l #alwaystogether #mylittlechiken #tbt 😍🙈🐥
Él fue quien me dio un futuro nuevo. #LoveMyBaby #Mom&Son #AlwaysTogether 💙
Ya Ampun. Ni betul betul terkejut. Walaupun aku ni orang yang kuat berdrama. Tapi yang ni betul betul dan bukan lakonan. Chewah. Haha. Thank you so much guys. Hargai nya sangat sangat. Awal seminggu pon tak apa lah. Janji dapat celebrate before uallzz fly to China utk setahun 😭. Terima kasih for this beautiful cake (sedappp), handmade painting by kak mus (cantikkk) and ucapan serta doa dari korang semua. Love you guys 😍😍😘😘 #26thbirthday #byebye #alwaysremember #alwaystogether
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Sunday would have been Dukeys two year Ampuversary !! I can't believe it has been two years . I remember sitting in Dr Rod's room and he told us Amputation was our best option for Dukey. It was instant pain relief from the nasty tumour and would give him a fighting chance. It was a little bit of a shock to hear that news, but relieving Duke from the pain he was in, was our number one priority . Once his abdominal scan showed clear, the surgery went ahead . Our family and friends were so supportive of our decision too. Dukey stayed in for two nights and I was so happy to go pick him up . He came out dragging the lady across the room , to get to us . The first two days were pretty hard (I think more so for me) but each day he continued to improve . Day seven he was running . I cannot believe how quick he adjusted and if it's even possible , I think he was even cuter . Our walks weren't as long as they use to be , but we had a backup wheelchair for when he got tired . The smile never left his face . I love how dogs just move on with life . Humans can learn so much from them . We are forever grateful for the compassion and care that Dr Rod and the team B.V.S.C showed our boy . What an amazing hospital it is and forever thankful for the additional six months we got with my boy . Don't forget to do your monthly check on your furkids today . From head to tail (even inside their mouth ) check for any lumps or bumps . Also keep an eye out on any change in behavior and appetite . Any concerns , please book them into your vet. Please join me in raising awareness atleast . Some people just don't know about cancer in animals . Be your dogs hero !! Be pro active !! Early detection may just save their life 💜 Loving and missing you Dukey #dogs #adoptaseniordog #adoptdontshop #dukey #alwaystogether #dukeyscause #amputee #tripod #tripodtuesday #raiseawarenessforcancer #raiseawarenessforcancer
God always has the best one for you. He has the solution for your every problem, relieving feeling for your sadness, and happiness that waits for you.. 😇 . . . #somanyloveforyou #jedar #jessicaiskandar #elbarack #momandson #lovely #strongwomen #behappy #likeit #kebersamaan #alwaystogether #like4like #instagram
Serumaninho que me completa. Com você eu tive as melhores histórias. Com você eu descobri os melhores sentimentos de uma amizade. Com você eu aprendi e aprendo muito sobre a vida. Com você eu dei as melhores gargalhadas e compartilhei os meus segredos. Com você eu descobri o significado de amizade. Posso dizer que a alegria da vida é saber que nunca estamos só, que a cada momento renascemos para a vida e em cada renascer surge a alegria de saber que tenho você. Fiz esse post só pra reforçar o quanto você é importante pra mim e o quanto eu te amo, minha paçoca mais gostosa! ❤️🦄💞💜😍❤️🦄💞💜😍 "There are people who are special to our lives, others important, very rare, indispensable. Some make us happy, many make us laugh, others make a lifetime. But you can do all this in one!" My soulmate! ❤️ #moments #toinfinityandbeyond #party #love #vscocam #bff #mysunshine #bestfriends #best #mysweetgirl #alwaystogether #lovely #loveu #mysoulmate