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Great news!! The project is being worked on right now thanks to @morethanlags for his clip to show what im working on hopefully those that are helping me on this will upload their clips before the projects deadline December 2nd (if you want to help out feel free to upload your clip and tag me in and make sure the video is recorded wide screen)
My hardest jordan stall transition
De recién entrenando ph: @nahueefs ⚽️🔥💕❤️ #meeting #freestyle #freestylefootball #allyouneedisaball
Got this little piece of art from @bovine_caligula 💉 ⚽ #allyouneedisaball
Practice and more practice😍Rate how I’m progressing on a scale of 1-10 😄 ◾️ @Iamafreestyler @freestyletalents @wow_talents @freestylecorner @ballersdistrict @freestylefootball @undefinedfs @freestyleterritory @freestylea_world ◾️ ‼️Follow @alexiszfreestyle for more‼️
Patw mi quinto truco de 3 rev muy contento por el entrenamiento que estoy teniendo mucho esfuerzo dan sus frutos For: @andy__silvaxd #stiwarsfreestyle #allyouneedisaball #iamafreestyler #fre365tyle #lowerargentina
Esto va dedicado a personas que pasaron por mi vida y me ayudaron a crecer y mejorar, solo es una pequeña muestra de horas de esfuerzo y dedicación, Oscar Romero aqui está lo que pediste, dispuesto a seguir con tu legado...⚽🏆❤ #iamafreestyler #tekneek #allyouneedisaball #colombiafs #medellin #freestylefootball @northfreestyle @arango_00
Lots of ideas just needimg another chance to get out there and execute. ⚽📽
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