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#честно #поражаюсь тому как #встреча с #одним конкретным #человеком #может #помочь #больше , чем #десятки " #умных" #книг и #сотни #полезных #советов!;) )) которые тоже нужны. это #правда #радует !:) )) #сильно радует. - #Думаю смотря в #потолок ... !;) #ceiling #roof . #всемусвоевремя !;) это #правда !;) :) абсолютно #minimal #thoughts I.m very impressed with that fact. That one acquainstanship / #meeting with a person can change everything more ,than alot of clever books and good advises ever could... !;) #Yes !;) #allingoodtime Забыла идеому про #flower and #season .i have forgot how spells that locution )) :3
Sunday afternoons are for macaroons from the village market day, hot coffee and family.💙
I swear to GOD It's not always HOOD, STREET music I make Preview track titled (I Always Thought) unfinished!! SoTBH you probably won't hear this again for a while just showing you all I'm still working 🤔is it time or space 🤔 #allingoodtime #mylady #mybaby #ialwaysthought be free to leave your thoughts 😉
Proud of both these kids this weekend. Hard work and training starting to pay off. #cairns #swimming #proudmumalways #allingoodtime
My flowers and trees, no eraser allowed, up onto the wall they go. I sketched the trees after I painted them, so much for following process, oh well whatever works right! Right now I'm imagining so many scenes that I could paint, but first Sunday fun with my little family. #priorities
when you're at a bar in NYC but also dreaming of being in bed eating poutine while watching breaking amish reruns on TLC. #putonabraveface #whatdreamsaremadeof #allingoodtime
Well I couldn't wait, I had to get that girl into the woods right away... well after dinner anyways! I think I like her. I might need to write a book soon just so I get to illustrate it.
I just couldn't leave it at that, after the little character illustration I kept thinking about how I didn't imagine her strolling in the woods I had illustrated earlier, so just now I picked up my paints and painted this... no pencil sketch and it felt so natural. So this is all me, it's my style, and you can expect to see more from me like this, maybe I'll even paint a character actually strolling in the woods at some point.😂
This morning I was thinking to myself that I need to start illustrating characters, the best way to start is to just do it, without thinking too much about it and without using an eraser... it really speeds up the process! too bad for perfection. I wanted to try and find my style and do what just comes naturally and doesn't take forever, so I guess this is it! What do you think?! I guess my illustration skills will improve, like everything else, with time and practice.
Lazy Saturday morning with lots of pencil reference drawings going on, I love sticking them up around my work space, washi tape doesn't rip the paint / paper off the walls and it looks super cute!