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i love her so much HAHAHAHHA shes so funny😂 @alissaviolet #alissaviolet #cloutgang #alissaismyqueen
My opinion on Tessa brooks: my opinion on her is I'm fine with Tessa and I really loved Alissa's and Tessa's friendship so much and it really hurt when she didn't stick by Alissa when Jake kicked Alissa out especially since Tessa had experienced Jake mistreating Alissa it was so infuriating to see that she stayed with Jake instead of Alissa like that's not what best friends do and Tessa could have at least checked up on Alissa from time to time but no instead she tries to diss Alissa but tries not to make it noticeable in video's and makes a verse about Alissa dissing her and supports the queen snake @erikacostell?! My thoughts are that ya maybe Tessa was forced to stay in team ten but she could have at least kept in touch with Alissa and I kinda think Tessa dosnt like Erika hoestell all that much... but I would still support Tessa if she were to make it up to Alissa and left team ten but until then I still think it's pretty messed up of her. And I am fine with Tessa but I hate Erika 🙄 @tessabrooks @erikacostell @alissa_violet @alissaviolet @jakepaul @rice @banks @chanteljeffries @sommerray #talissa #erikaisoverparty #teamviolet #alissaviolet #alissaismyqueen #isupportalissa
Wow Logan your song was right after all😮 • • • • • #alissaviolet #alissaismyqueen #jakepaulisoverparty #jakepaulisasnake @alissaviolet
Lol. 🐍🐍🐍 - - Roses Are Red Violets Are Beautiful Just Like My Queen @alissaviolet - - #snakebitch #snake #erika #erikacostell #alissaismyqueen #AlissaViolet #queen #team10sucks #cloutgang #erikathesnake
One of the people that will never lose her spot on my queen list 😁 @alissaviolet #alissavioletedit #alissaismyqueen