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The men and women of the armed forces make the greateat sacrafice any person could make. They leave behind the people they love whole heartedly to protect the life of a stranger. They are the ultimate warriors. The unsung hero's of the armed forces. #armedforces #armylife #navylife #marinelife #airforcelife. It has to be the hardest decision to make. Don't forget they put there life on the line to protect yours.
Had a great time hanging out with some awesome people tonight. Thanks for everyone that came out!💙 #pieningtwins #airforcelife #lifewithtwins #pieningspartyoffour #blessed
Man this job is pretty sweet :)✈✈✈✈ #airforcelife #happy
Tiro de Combate Urbano - Curso Militar #29 #training #seguridad #combateurbano #airforcelife
💗Happy 11 Year Anniversary💗 It's amazing to me how 2 people can grow together so much over the course of a year. 👉even when most of that year was spent apart. We've laughed, cried, wanted to throw in the towel, fought, loved passionately, given Grace and come together stronger than before. Reintigration wasn't fun but damn I can't believe how much stronger we are on this side of it. Every day I'm grateful for you. For the man you've become and the person who you are for us Thank you, Matt , for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for believing in me and believing in us. I love you.
Ever wonder what life is like in the U.S. Air Force? Just ask. Visit airforce.com/Ask-An-Airman to ask real Airmen your questions and see answers already submitted (link in bio 👆). #AskAnAirman