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This has nothing to do with atheism but it's cute as fuck and I had to share it with you guys xD In other news BASICALLY ALL MY FRIENDS ARE RELIGIOUS AS FUCK D: Stupid parents forcing me in a super religious school cuz they thought it was better for me but actually quite literally made me want to kill myself cuz of how horrible it was and how horribly they treated me "your mental illnesses are sinful cuz you don't trust God enough" fuck off. Also the school FULLY SUPPORTED A KID WHOSE MOM BELIEVED IF SHE BELIEVED IN GOD ENOUGH HE WOULD HEAL HER CANCER AND THEREFORE REFUSED TO GET TREATMENT. The kid agreed with her mom and everyone was like YEA THAT'LL WORK :D like omg. Needless to say, her mom died (literally at the table during breakfast...) I actually ended up homebound by doctors orders due to my declining mental state due to the school. WOW! now all the ppl I know are super religious and it's just .-. I'm so glad to be building relationships with a bunch of atheists it makes me feel so much better xD #atheist #atheists #atheism #evolution #atheistsofinstagram #atheistrollcall #atheistcommunity #antitheist #religionpoisonseverything #freedomfromreligion #heathens #nonbeliever #militantatheist #godless #nogod #agnostic #freethinker #noreligion #goodwithoutgod #secular #secularism #humanist #antireligion #religionfree #relgionkills #logic #reason #skeptic #science #thebibleisbullshit
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Can 100% testify that this is what this is what an intrusive thought looks like
Dear Christians, this is how you sound to us. P.S. is anyone else super annoyed by the Instagram update? Like, you turn the sound on for one video and all the sudden the sound is on for them all... @instagram, we did not ask for this 🙄 #southwest_secular
Extremely disappointed in the Supreme Court ruling today. Many people think just because it's for playgrounds it doesn't matter, but this is just one small step towards the religious right tearing down the wall between church and state. In her dissent, Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote, "If this separation means anything, it means that the government cannot, or at the very least need not, tax its citizens and turn that money over to houses of worship. The Court today blinds itself to the outcome this history requires and leads us instead to a place where separation of church and state is a constitutional slogan, not a constitutional commitment." What amazes me is the same people that demand this money for religion throw a fit about "their money being taken by force for abortions", hence the Hyde amendment. If my money can go to churches, their money can go to abortions! - W.O.R #atheist #atheism #humanist #freethinker #nogod #noreligion #secular #secularism #science #universe #godless #godisdead #agnostic #agnosticatheist #goodwithoutgod #atheisthumor #humanism #logic #humanity #truth #love #militantatheist #nogodneeded #brainwashed #progress #innovation #unity #space #revolution.
‼️‼️‼️READ BEFORE SAYING ANYTHING TO ME💡💡‼️‼️!!! Before I start getting that I'm a satanic person. Or evil person. I would like to say that I am not a religious person what so ever!! I don't believe in God I don't believe in the devil I don't believe in anything religious. I would have to say I lean more into being agnostic: but anyways. Before anything. My craft is about being versatile! I have a style that's kinda different. I like creating things that you normally don't see in the craft that I do. I love all the crafters I meet because these people are so fuckin talented!!! AND I RESPECT EVERYONE OF YALL!!!! I don't judge. Because I have no place in this world to judge anyone!!!! I've made a lot of mistakes and probably will continue to make more. But it's only human right?! So FYI if you don't like what I post because it's not what u believe in??? Sorry??! I guess??? But I'm sure everyone of y'all are great!!! It's just human nature to judge because people are not like you. N I'm cool with that. I still love all of y'all!!! 👽. So that was it 😂😂 it's all I really needed to say before I post more of the stuff I do. 😘😘 much love to all of you!!!! You are all great!!! . #cross #dontworry #handmade #patches #leviathancross #goodorbad #agnostic
#Repost @atheistacademy ( @get_repost) ・・・ Controversial topic inbound. I'm sure many of you have heard about the baker refusing to make a cake for a gay wedding and it has sparked a debate on religious freedom etc. My personal opinion is that when you are operating in the public sphere, you under acting under the constitutional guidelines, and your personal religious liberty ends when people's human rights begin. If we allow people to start discriminating based on their religion, what's to stop people from making up #religions to hate on black people or other groups they don't like. #atheist #atheism #humanist #freethinker #nogod #noreligion #secular #secularism #science #universe #godless #godisdead #agnostic #agnosticatheist #goodwithoutgod #atheisthumor #humanism #logic #humanity #truth #love #brainwashed #progress #lgbt #equality #donaldtrump #notmypresident
This Friday be ready for our next 2 week series titled "One Nation Under God: A Way of Life or A Suggestion?" As we dive into the a almost forgotten philosophy of "God, Family & Country" and how we as a believers can bring revival back to our school system, our cities and of course our nation. This friday At 7pm, located at the prayer lounge in building C at water of life church! Tag a friend!
Happy Tuesday 🎉 We can't wait to see YOU tonight. Come early at 6:30P for Community Dinner, then join us as we hear what God has to teach us through @pastorlivvy. Don't forget BROOM BALL is after group at 9:45P at YL Ice Rink. All are welcome, see YOU soon! . . . . #community #fellowship #biola #calpolypomona #csuf #csufullerton #santiagocanyoncollege #fullertoncollege #chapmanuniversity #allarewelcome #christian #agnostic #atheist
Opinions of the masses vary on this and that is respected. But even in being #agnostic I have #faith 😊
First of all, since this post is likely to provoke erroneous objections, I clarified a crucial point to avoid logical fallacies in the answers: . Nowhere did the owner of this diagram equate scientific theories with atheism (that's an abuse to science itself), but rather explained what naturalist atheists believe. In fact, there is a blurring of boundaries, often intentional, on the part of atheists who mix methodological naturalism (i.e. the framework from within which science operates) with their philosophical naturalism (a philosophy). The two are very different although most atheists pretend they are the same. It is the latter's theory of beginning of the universe that is exposed in the scheme above. . Actually, most theists believe that cosmology (including the Big Bang theory) and evolutionary theory support belief in God. (P.S: Alvin Plantinga's Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism proves the absurdity of embracing atheism or agnosticism and believing in the evolution theory at the same time. It is clearly explained in a 7-page article. Ask for the link if interested). Consequently, the term "non-theisitic" evolution has been deliberately used as evidence that theistic evolutionists exist too. . Additionally, unlike atheism, science does not suggest an absolute nothing (zero dimensions and zero energy) at the beginning as it is put above. A possible theory that is sometimes considered scientific and complementary to the Big Bang suggests the existence of quantum fields that behave in a certain manner and explains that matter arises out of arrangements of these fields. It still presumes the fields and the laws that govern their existence, which is a far cry from nothing. The "Nothing" of the atheistic theory does not only mean the absence of particulate matter but the absence of the fields as well. Hence, the "for no reason" put above. So here we notice that atheists claim to know that nothing that is metaphysical exists, while science does not even suggest any theory about the transcendental world. This again proves that the diagram above explains how the universe emerged according to naturalist atheists and not according to science in any way.