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Probably the most beautiful giraffe in my opinion, the reticulated giraffe are found up in Northern Kenya. Always in awe of their markings. #enasoit #whyilovekenya #africanamazing #african_portraits #picoftheday #wildlifeplanet #wildlife_vision #shaunmousleyphotography
BHAPU scouts are deployed 👣 using Cybertracker and SMART technology, which records patrol information and provides a unique platform for data collection 🗒 This vital information is then used to augment efforts and strategy when planning and reviewing operations. It also provides vital education to individual scouts, who learn valuable computing, resource management and spatial analysis skills 💻📋 We are committed to providing our team with the best knowledge 💭 and our area with the best protection 💪🏼 With thanks to assistance from members of the International SMART partnership: Global Wildlife Conservation Panthera North Carolina Zoo Frankfurt Zoological Society and local partners The Tashinga Initiative, Zambezi Elephant Fund and Zimparks 🙌🏼
This tiny little boy was born on 19 August at our program. See how he try to suck milk from his nanny's breast. He is so precious and adorable. Credit to : @elephantnaturepark ⭐ Do not forget to visit my shop to choose the latest shirts and mugs! Follow us if you love ❣ Update pictures everyday ❤ To be Featured ❤❤❤ Tag your love 😘 ⛧ Thank you ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ⛧ #elephants #safari #elephantlove #worthmorealive #dswt #savetheelephants #amboseli #jointheherd #africanamazing #wildaid #kenya #african_portraits #africa #wildlifephotography #conservation
No wild dogs welcome, apparently? This elephant was the first of its herd to take exception to the pack of African Wild Dogs joining them at a waterhole for a twilight drink. #travelandbeyond
When Creator made all of the animals he did not place them all at once Each animal had its own needs. Before each group was released he would gather a group & explain what to expect A lot of planning had gone into their creation. He did not want them gone in a day The creator toiled through the sessions. He spoke to the cats, he briefed reptiles. He swum with the fish & finally he was ready for his toughest challenge, birds Creator left the birds as they had the most freedom. The birds seminar was the longest Creator had The night before the talk Creator decided to get an early nights rest. No one told the birds. It was their last night together & they decided to party. They did all night & kept Creator awake. He was furious The next morning Creator was bleary eyed. He counted heads as each bird entered the room. He did not want any disturbances so he seated them from smallest to largest As the day drew on so did the talks. Creator decided as he had no sleep, there would be no breaks. All he wanted to do was go home & sleep The birds became tired, their late night antics started to catch up with them. Soon Ostrich had fallen asleep. Kori Bustard saw this & decided to wake him. All of the birds wanted out & it was not fair that Ostrich slept Repeatedly Kori Bustard tried to wake Ostrich, nothing worked. Kori's efforts had attracted the other birds attention. It was only time till Creator saw the problem & punished the group. Kori did not want this so he hit Ostrich as hard as he could Ostrich jolted awake. He was not happy being hit so hard & lashed out at Kori. The pair fell on the floor fighting. Creator raced to break up the melee Creator was furious & decided to make an example then & there. Instantly he stripped Ostrich of flight. He then turned to Kori & was about to do the same when Flamingo piped in telling the truth Creator was caught off guard, he was furious & decided rather than take his flight he would give Kori Bustard extra weigh which limited how far he could fly To this day both birds still bear the handicap of being disruptive in Creators final session
It's like a dream come true.. 🌴🌊🌞