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2 mile walk this afternoon with the mini, the weather is perfect and will stay perfect for about a week, as long as the weather app can see! Lol. Much needed me timeÔÜś taking advantage before the cold comes back!
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. See what happens when we drag along Pipeburn to Rajasthan. . . "I've got to be honest: I love getting out of my comfort zone. ItÔÇÖs these times I feel like I am truly living. The monotony of life gets me down, sometimes hard. The more my life becomes a routine, the more I hate it. Some people strive on routine; IÔÇÖm not one of those people. So given the chance to escape my routine for two weeks in a remote country, riding motorcycles, is the equivalent of seeing a therapist for several years ÔÇô only a lot cheaper. It breathes life back into this middle-aged body (that is fighting with the thought of being middle aged)". Read full story here... http://www.pipeburn.com/home/2017/09/23/rajasthan-rampage-ride-routine-less.html
Our best Star Wars pose at the top of Pearl Pass in what could best be described as winter in September #FallTrip2017