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There's still gold left in California, you just have to know where to look & can't cash this kind into a bank 🌾 Wander and Wonder #GoldRush
Such a lovely evening full of wonderful things -- new friends, cheese, sunsets, and lake Bodensee. Can we do it again someday soon? @emi1ia_ride @claudio_fr
Feel it all around • 12.VI.17 • Mt. Bierstadt, CO
My mentor once told me: -"Always travel lite". I guess I am not such a good listener 😂 #bts #canon #fstopgear #adventurephotography #gopro #sachtler The golden rule thou is to always come prepared.
Found this tree walking on Formentor beach🌴 I couldn't resist so I climbed 🤙🏼
"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever." Isaiah 40:8
Ran into a bunch of women at a farmers market. All fakes, hollow inside. #adventurephotography
GIVEAWAY - LAST DAY TO ENTER - I'm SO humbled that almost 10,000 of you follow my shenanigans on Instagram. To celebrate being inches away from 10k, I've partnered with @loweprobags to give away one of their PhotoSport backpacks (my absolute favorite bag) to one lucky follower! To enter, like my page, LowePro's page and tag two friends in the comments of this post. Winner will be announced next Monday (6/26). Thanks again, everyone! I couldn't do any of this without you!! #adventurephotography #giveaway #entertowin #lastday #freebag #tagtwofriends 📷 = My wife @__meggs from are hike up Old Rag in @shenandoahnps