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Sunsets here aren't so bad 🌅
A Connecticut summer essential
As palavras nos dizem: nós temos o mesmo alcance das nossas vontades e a mesma altura das nossas escolhas. Mas não serão pelas palavras que alcançaremos estas verdades; jamais saberemos isso de pronto. Às vezes é preciso conviver por tempos com as nossas dúvidas para podermos caminhar em paz com as nossas certezas. Às vezes é preciso nos perdermos em muitos caminhos para finalmente habitarmos a nossa própria alma, e assumirmos o nosso próprio destino. #adventureculture #gopro #life #iphone #like4like #photooftheday #trilhas #travelgoal_s #trip #nature #discoverearth #soulnature_ #goprohero #photoofday #trilheirosdobrasil #traveling #followme #positive #niteroi #goprouniverse #touroftheworld #travelaroundtheworld #awesome_photographers #vibesdejah #instanature #fantrip #fantastic_captures #iglobal_photographers #cachoeirasdobrasil
Hang on little droplets!! #water #droplets #clover
We mustn't forgo #thoreaubackthursday. Remember that "nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf and take an insect view of its plain."
No pier pressure here
Laguna Chaxa
Quiet mornings in Bali
Welcome to the Herring Capital of the World (or what once was) - aka the cutest little town in north Iceland💕
My favorite picture from the trail. A reminder to always find happiness in the little things... no matter how miserable you might think you are. I could have been in a terrible mood. The sleepless night due to high winds, waking up to a fresh layer of dirt on myself and everything in my tent, the low temps and morning rain, my slowed pace due to my swollen foot and ankle. Knowing my thru hike was probably coming to an end because of my injury. The list could go on and on. Instead I decided to push all of the negativity and doubt out of mind and focus on this: The rush of happiness I felt when I realized my rain jacket's hood made me look like Darth Vader. It's funny how the simplest things can bring someone so much joy. My little nerd heart was so happy. Happy to be out there, experiencing what life is all about. Just me, my best friend and the trail. Strolling down the trail, humming the imperial march 👯 #pct #nerdalert
Barista friendly sizes and stackable. #MyMug coming to #Kickstarter this fall.
Getting into the outdoors isn't always about climbing a higher peak, skiing a steeper chute, or covering more distance in a day. Seeing the sun come up, spending time without distraction and worry, allowing yourself to join the peace that nature brings, and watching the sun set again is something we should all do more often. 📷: @leeburty
It's the little things like a mountain bivy, a glorious sunset and good friends that make this life worth living.