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Allan Cho speaking at the LiterASIAN reception this evening. In the heart of Vancouver’s International Village, Thai Town Restaurant will be the host of this year’s reception for LiterASIAN. All eight authors will be present for guests to mingle with, and their books will be available to be bought and signed if desired. Food will be provided with music entertainment and a cash bar is also on site. This year’s reception will also serve as the book launch of Currents: A Ricepaper Anthology. After completing its first year as a digital magazine, Ricepaper has gathered the best writing it has posted online, and compiled it into a physical anthology. Authors of the pieces in the anthology will be present to perform readings, and copies of Currents will be available for purchase. The announcement of the Jim Wong-Chu Emerging Writers’ Award recipient will also take place this night. www.literasian.com #acww #literasian #vpl #yvr #authors #writers
LiterASIAN reception tonight. Pictured with Marlene Enns, Stephen Wong and David Wong. Thank you to everyone that attended. Silent Auction items were bid on and the happy winners took home their items. Sold $63 worth of cookies by @Cyndascookies for LiterASIAN. www.literasian.com #acww #literasian #vpl #yvr #authors #writers
Congrats @ricepapermag team and @literasian! Congrats especially to Karla Comanda @iskapunk for winning the Jim Wong-Chu Award. You are amazing! I am honored to have been a part of the jury and to read all the submissions. I had to exclude myself from Karla' s entry since I work with her but I am really happy for her. Huge Congrats! . . . #literasian #acww #ricepaper #asiancanadian #writers #booklaunch #diversevoices #diverselit #weneeddiversebooks #writing #books #publishing #vancouver #vancouverisawesome
Happy to meet the talented "Leanne Dunic is the author of a book of lyric-prose, entitled To Love the Coming End (Bookthug, 2017). She has published fiction, poetry, and non-fiction in various magazines and anthologies in Asia, North America, and the UK, as well as chapbooks by Leaf Press, Onzieme, and Bitterzoet." https://literasian.com/authors/leanne-dunic/ #acww #literasian #vpl #yvr #authors #writers
Finally got to meet "Eleanor Guerrero-Campbell is a city planner, community champion, and writer. She arrived in Canada in 1977 with a degree in English and Comparative Literature, and a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, subsequently planning various cities in BC and Alberta. Guerrero-Campbell co-founded the Multicultural Helping House Society, where, as executive director, she established programs to assist newcomers in Canada. Eleanor Directed Looking Ahead Initiative, a roundtable of stakeholders involved in improving the labor market integration of immigrants in BC. She was Co-Convenor of the City of Vancouver’s Immigrant Partnership Program Committee on Access to Services. Eleanor authored Hiring and Retaining Skilled Immigrants: A Cultural Competence Toolkit for the Human Resource Managers Association of BC. She was CEO of the Minerva Foundation for B.C. Women, providing leadership programs for women." www.literasian.com #acww #literasian #vpl #yvr #authors #writers
items for bid! please comment what you outbid! at least 10K💕 (wallpaper and carpet is also for bid it’s the mermaid)✨ please don’t comment a bid that you’re not gonna want anymore if so i will not let you bid😤
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Finally got Animal Crossing Wild World. I already have new leaf but I felt that I needed the ds version too! #nintendo #animalcrossingwildworld #acww #animalcrossing #ds #dslite #gaming #console
It's been a hot minute since I've last played and posted 😱 summer break was great I've spent two weeks in cologne did a loooot of shopping and the other 4 week I legit just chilled and did nothing 😴 school just started two weeks ago, it still takes me quite some time to get back in but it's my last year of design school which I am so so happy about ! Since I just started playing again today there is so so so much to do in my town which I am quite happy about because I'm not happy with my town in general, tbh I would just like to delete my town but I've came so so far with this one so I think I'm just slowly going to erase everything, put all the flowers on the down side of the town, find a new path and re do my town, which I am actually very very excited about, I'm so in the mood to play it makes me happy 🐰😊💕 have a very very nice evening/night/day ! Love you all #acnl #animalcrossing #nintendo #3ds #game #gaming #acww #animalcrossingnewleaf #fall #autumn
my town with his beautiful sky 😻 (no hack) ♡ ʕ•◡-ʔ 《 220917 》💐
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Julia Lin manages to work full-time and write books. I can do it too. "Mentored by MG Vassanji in the 2009 Humber Creative Writing program, Julia is the author of Miah, the first Taiwanese-Canadian book of literary fiction ever published (Mawenzi House, 2012), co-editor of AlliterAsian: Twenty Years of Ricepaper Magazine (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2015), and author of Shadows of the Crimson Sun: One Man’s Life in Manchuria, Taiwan, and North America (Mawenzi House, 2017). Julia is a member of the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop and current Treasurer of The Writers’ Union of Canada." www.literasian.com #acww #literasian #vpl #yvr #authors #writers
Janie Chang always wanted to be a writer. She had an epiphany and now she is not only a writer but does it full time. "Her second novel, Dragon Springs Road (William Morrow Paperbacks 2017), was released in January 2017, and has been on national bestseller lists for the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star. She is also the founder and main organizer of Authors for Indies, a Canada-wide grassroots event in support of independent bookstores. Born in Taiwan, Janie has lived in the Philippines, Iran, Thailand, Canada, and New Zealand. She now lives in Vancouver, Canada." www.literasian.com #acww #literasian #vpl #yvr #authors #writers
Goofing around with the oh so funny and brilliant Jen Sookfong Lee. ECW Press published Jen’s third novel, The Conjoined, in the fall of 2016. She was born and raised in East Vancouver, but now lives in North Burnaby with her son and hoodlum of a dog." www.literasian.com #acww #literasian #vpl #yvr #authors #writers
Getting a selfie with the inspiring Catherine Hernandez "Scarborough (Arsenal Pulp Press) is Catherine’s first full-length fiction and she is so very honoured to have received the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop Emerging Writers’ Award and have been shortlisted for the Half the World Global Literati Award after just trying her hand at the art of fiction storytelling. Scarborough was written after several years working as a home daycare provider to Scarborough children." - www.literasian.com #acww #literasian #vpl #yvr #authors #writers
Expectation VS Reality 😂😩
This is my second year attending LiterASIAN. This year is poignant as our founder Jim Wong-Chu passed away in July. Last night I dreamt Jim was speaking to me. He said "It's Jim, why do you keep calling me Jim Wong-Chu?" Maybe because he was so special you needed the full name. Please check out the events. Many are free and all are very reasonably priced. There are a few tickets left for tonight's reception at Thai Town Restaurant. Only $10.00. https://literasian.com/ #acww #literasian #vpl #yvr #authors #writers