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We love exploring new locations for our retreats. We do all the hard work of setting up a retreat location so you don't have to. All you have to do is look at our locations and decide where you'd like to take your guests. Learn more on the Web ⬇ . www.newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
STRONG - Whether you're a newbee in fitness or you're already a pro - all of our escapes are suitable for all levels. All you have to do is find the right escape for you. Escape to one of our stunning locations - Koh Tao (2escapes), - Koh Samui (2 escapes) with @zannavandijk, - Bali (1 escape) with @thestrengthtemple , - Sri Lanka (1 escape) with @zannavandijk, - Kenya (1 escape) with founders @traintravellive & @inamantra. Book yours below ⬇⬇⬇ www.newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
Breakfast of mermaids πŸŒΈπŸŒŠπŸ“ ... ... ... πŸ“·πŸ’™ @nutraorganics
#tbt to Cuba 2 years ago and the #RunHavana retreat! We ran the #marabana, explored the culture and sites, and drove some badass cars! Can’t wait to go back! #ketangafitness #cuba #havana
Smoothie bowls and Bali vibes. Have you thought of running a retreat in Bali? Let us sort it for you πŸŒ΄πŸ’œ . www.newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
Forever chasing sunrises & sunsets 🌴 Will be sharing a blog post soon about why we chose the name we did for New Horizon Escapes. . Come chase new horizons with us πŸ‘‡ www.newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
"If you never try, you will never know" - escape with us away or you can even run your own retreat for your TRIBE πŸ‘‡ . www.newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
EPIC SCENERY - incredible locations around the world. Run your retreats with us πŸ‘‡ . www.newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
Say "YES" to new adventures. πŸ‘‡ www.newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
New Horizon - always changing our scenery. Choose to run your own retreat from 5 of our locations. Koh Tao Koh Samui Bali Sri Lanka Kenya . Let's talk πŸ‘‡ www.newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
A retreat tailor made for you. Are you a social media influencer working within the wellness industry? Would you like to meet & connect with your tribe on a much deeper level? We can help you host your own retreat. Get in touch πŸ‘‰ info @newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
Forever chasing new horizons. . www.newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
Life was made for exploring 🌴 . www.newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
Your Retreat - your choice. We are here to help you set up and support you on your own retreat. Looking to run your own retreat for your own audience? Let's talk πŸ‘‰ info @newhorizonescapes.com www.newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
Let's chase freedom together. Learn how you can run a retreat with us at www.newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
This is our home - Koh Samui 🌴 . Let us show you around. www.newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. . www.newhorizonescapes.com #NewHorizonEscapes
Your ticket to your own retreat. We will personalise your own retreat based on the location you choose with us. Send us a DM or email if you'd like to work with us πŸ’ͺ