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🚿🍂Bonsoir mes jolies 👰🌹 J'espere que vous allez bien ! Ce soir je vais vous parler de ce produis que j'ai essayeé dans cette semaine le demaquillant bi-phasée pour les yeux Purebleuet de chez @yvesrocherfr a la fleur de bleuet pour ma part je la trouve très efficace . Un seul geste il demaquille parfaitement même les maquillages très chargé ne brûle et ne donne pas les yeux rouges, il n'agresse pas le contour des yeux, Sa texture et Sa formule bi-phasée cofort et douce l'ingrédient principal est au top pour un démaquillage parfaite Moi je l'adore rien a dire 🛁❣ ________________ _________________ مزيل مكياج العيون من ايف روشي بثنائي الزيت والماء المكون ديالو الرئيسي هو زهرة (La bleuet) هاد الزهرة عندها منافع  كثيرة عن العيون جربتو لمدة اسبوع وعجبني بزاف بزاف بزاف المكونات ديالو طبيعيةو خفيفة شوية منو فالقطن كيمسح المكياج العادي و المكياج ثقيل ديال المناسبات وايضا المكياج المضاد للماء بعمق وبسرعة مكيحرقش مكيخليش العين حمرا مناسب للعيون الحساسة كيرطب وكيجرحش منطقة حول العين لأن مرة وحدة كيمسح إذن ميحتاجش تكرار العملية حتى يتسبب الجرح 🌸🛁 فعال فإزالة فالمكياج مكوناتو  طبيعية مكيسبب فحتا مشكل كنشوفو مزيل مثالي يستاهل انكم تجربوه شخصيا منتوجات ايف روشي كتحمقني ❣ #world #happy #live #girls #beauty #enjoy #love #achieve #trust #yvesrochermaroc #yvesrocher #bleuet #makeupremover #care #france #espagna #italy #usa #creative #body #share #know # #love #october #favourite #month #autumn #weather #relaxing #dream #ability
All I Do is wake up & Hit These Street corners, trains & Even Parking Lots with My #Poetry! The Living God must Likes what I'm doing, because his #Incredible #Power Is In Charge Of my #Ability to wake Up & also the #Grace to Continue his will & Not lose the #faith within this #Faithless world we all may dwell on!!! Thanks to All who Support, #EvrLastinBlessinz for all Tha #Likes Comments & #Repost in advance!! #iSupportYnG
When the V Go robot questions your authority. Thanks to all the businesses and individuals who have stopped by the NDEAM DOR Open House at our Central Office today!
Intuition is like a best friend, always looking out for your wellbeing and guiding you in the right direction! Seattle friends, join me at @sweetgrassfoodco this Saturday for an exploration of your Intuitive Gifts. Find out more about this natural sacred ability and how to trust it. Details on my Events Page (link in bio). #CompassNavigatingYourIntuitiveGiftsForSuccessAndWellBeing
When I woke up this morning I knew that I wanted today's workout to be going for a run when I got off work. I started off with the goal of a 5K. I apparently had too much liquid in my belly, cuz I got a horrible tummy cramp. I fought through it, it finally went away, I got in the mindset, got to feeling good and knocked out a 10K!! I haven't ran that since my race back in August!! #myjourney #healthandwellness #ilovetorun #ability #motivation #attitude #dedication #determination #commitment #capable #mindsetmatters #beautifuldayforarun #garminforerunner25 #weightlossjourney #wellnesswednesday
Adaptation equals evolution. Only those who are able to adapt will survive. #intelligence #ability #adapt #change #lvel #intj
I CAN... run rings around my family. 😆😆 sorry did someone say id not sit up until now????????????? #dontscreenusout #downsyndromerocks #downsyndromeawareness #equality #icandoanything #ICAN #changingperceptions #justlikeanytoddler #ability #changetheworld
I now see tattoos as a rite of passage. It's a beautiful work of art, yes, but it's so much more. This #tattoo was five hours of mild to extreme pain. I was sunburnt from going to the beach a few days prior. The black portion of the tattoo covered an old tattoo that I received when I was 18; a huge needle with black ink moved over scar tissue for a seemingly infinite period of time. #Intense is a word that hardly seems to describe the feelings and sensations I felt. 5 hours of constant needling with just a few bathroom and stretch breaks. By hour 4, I reached my pain threshold. I cried and winced and strained and just wanted it to be over. But my response to #pain is often to #laugh. It lightens up the situation in so many ways. And my artist, Jessica Wess, laughed with me. We played Katy Perry towards the end to keep the mood light and it made the impossible possible. This #bodyart represents my #strength and my #willpower... my #ability to withstand #pain for a greater good. It covered up a tattoo that I got when I was in a lot of emotional pain (4th pic) and signifies the #healing journey I've been on since those #dark early college days. It also represents #friendship. Jessica is one of the most amazing and #inspiring people in my life. Her #talent, #kindness and #love is so powerful. I'm so #blessed and #grateful to call her my friend. If you ever want a tattoo and you're in the Orlando, talk to her or her hubby @aceofdisks! They are two of the most talented artists I know and such a joy to be around. Love your way!! ❤️❤️🙏
Ehhmm #excuseme while I go in for a minute....why do we live in a society where it is far more attractive to show your skin then your mind??? If more women would put their assests away and open their #mind instead, they'd stop #questioning why men view them the way they do. You allow yourself to only be seen as what you #display. If you don't want to come off easy, put away your boobs and booty and open your mind. We have the #ability to obtain an infamous amount of #power and it is called #knowledge. But for some reason we'd rather be looked at for our physical capabilities. FYI #anyoneiscapableofsex, but #not anyone is capable of #intellectualconnection. How are you setting yourself aside to stand out and be different? #imdifferentyeahimdifferent #beastmode #knowledgeispower #sapiosexual #brainsoverbeauty #classywithalittlebitofsass
CHALLENGE DAY #2! 👨‍🎨🎨 Check out Tuesday’s post for details! Often we take a small sketch pad and colouring pencils to restaurants as a way to focus on something with all the stimulus of other people at the restaurant, music, lights and noises. ⠀ We had dinner with two major Canadian researchers Dr. Derrick MacFabe and Dr. Morley Hollenberg studying micro-biome and receptor pathways of neuropeptides-- how these affect brain and body performance. ⠀ It was incredible conversation but was a challenge to understand all the scientific jargon (and I'm not talking about John!). ⠀ ⠀ With sketching a scene picked by everyone, we all look forward to John's creation at the end of dinner :) ⠀ ⠀ Although some outbursts are a given, it was incredibly humbling to have the owners take notice of John and his development in one year (he happened to have the same dinner company in 2016). She said John was much calmer, more settled in his being, a better artist and was more present this time. ⠀ John is living proof improvement is always possible. ⠀ ⠀