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Don’t forget to love yourself. God loves you for you, so why shouldn’t you live yourself? I challenge YOU to go look in the mirror and tell yourself “good morning gorgeous” and then do this every morning. Comment 👇🏻 once you’ve done it. 😘 #loveyourself #takecareofyou #youreloved #youregorgeous #challengeyourself
Everytime i post up one of these sticky notes i get so excited because i know i just made someone's day a little bit better. Join me and #sticktoconfidence today. #happy #confidence #slay #inspiration #inspirational #youregorgeous #keeponkeepingon #beyourself #dontforget
So I saw an IG post challenging women to take filter-free selfies. I’m very much not a selfie person in general (and that likely merits a little examining, too. I’m aware.), but something about that resonated with me, and it’s absolutely not because I think no one should ever use filters or take selfies. I think you should do you. So. This is me. Zero filter, waiting for my kids, grey hair saying hi up front, hard-won smile lines around my eyes. Let’s all be okay with that, and hey, yes, I’ll also go back to using the fluffy pastel magic of filters sometimes. It’s all good. Take those selfies and use those filters. Or don’t. Do you and don’t apologize. #womensupportingwomen #doyou #filterfree OR #fullyfiltered ❤️
Monday. Focus. Make it count!
But what can I say? #youregorgeous
Happy birthday to my beautiful best friend 🎂💙 • • • #bestfriend #happybirthday #loveyou #youregorgeous #thankful4u #adventurebuddy
I pray you learn from my mistakes in life and don’t give up. You’re such an awesome young lady. I’m super proud of the girl you’re becoming. Keep your free spirit and don’t let anyone change that. You’ll move mountains one day, baby girl. #youregorgeous #soproud #sisters
A day of beautifying with KM and a super fun video to share it!! 🖤🖤🖤
You make me super happy ❤️🌈✨👫 . I love you 😻 #alwayssmilingwithyou #iloveyou #youthebomb #youregorgeous #myfavouritesmile
Any extreme weather condition–be it hot or cold can damage your skin. However, I think winter is particularly hard as the dry wind, and chilly weather can make your skin dry up leading to flakes. And a regular skincare regimen would hardly help in such times. Your skin needs more than just pampering to keep it healthy and glowing. And to help you achieve that, here are a few simple&basic winter care tips for your face that you can follow to avoid excessive dryness and dead looking skin. 1- Eat healthy. Must have heard of *you’re what you eat*. Well that’s actually true. Eating a balance diet and throwing all the crap, junk food, out of your plate will and can help you achieve your dream skin. 2- STAY HYDRATED. Drink plenty of water since it’s essential to keep your body and skin hydrated in the dry weather. This will also ensure your skin remains glowing. 3- Shield Your Skin From The Sun 🌞 The sun may be hiding in winters, but it still manages to peep through the clouds allowing the UVA and UVB rays to harm your skin. Thus, never give sunscreen a miss. 4- Use oil as moisturiser A drop of oil and you’re done. Take a drop of whatever oil you prefer, I take either olive or coconut, rub it between your palms and message it gently onto your face, especially at night. 5- Natural homemade or sheet mask a are preferred. Clay/gel/peel-off mask will only tighten your skin up leading to dryness, which we surely don’t want. So go for either a sheet mask or make a DIY mask. (Comment below if you want to know more about DIY masks) 6- keep it simple. Winter skincare routine does not require loads of products. By keeping it natural and simple you’ll fight any dryness and dullness that winter causes. I hope these tips will help you bid goodbye to winter woes. Do you have any more tips for winter skincare? Do drop in a text in the comments section below. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #healthyskincareroutine #winterskincareroutine #glowingskin #remedies #diyskincare #skincaretips #skincomesfirst #healit #littleboxoftreasurez #happyskin #eathealthy #youregorgeous #bepositive #spreadlove
A creation from this morning 💖🎄 #showscratch #christmasnails #girlboss #mumpreneur #youregorgeous
Don't forget to tell yourself everyday! #youregorgeous #gawjus #gawjuss #reminder #gorgeous #love #confidence
Never look back. Unless it’s to grab your weights for the arms track or check out how fly your butt looks. These instances are both acceptable, if not encouraged. • • • {Flu had me late to the #humpday motivation game, but one should be able to celebrate her butt any day of the week if you ask me. 🍑🤲🏻} // Me and my immune system are back and ready to close the week out strong in the haüs: Friday 12:15 Sat 12:15 Sun 11:00 #spokehaus #finishstrong #humpdayeveryday #hello #youregorgeous #nicebutt • • • 📸cred @icalderonphoto @ryu_apparel
You got that Friday glow✨