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Allllllright #Kanye. I know you've been going through a few things, but you've had a long enough break, time to get back to work. Happy to help you out to shed a few KG's mate, hit me up. #trewinpersonaltraining #tpt
Definitely biting my bro @onlybuilt4rap and listing some unpopular music opinions of my own. Make sure you guys go follow him and @chyll_vybez while you’re at it. Anyway here’s the list: 1. When executed to perfection, R&B/Soul is the best genre of music 2. It’s totally ok to have guilty pleasure artists that you like but you know are kinda bad or socially unacceptable to listen to (for me, this is Drake, Playboi Carti, and Logic) 3. The pair shown in this picture could make one of the best albums of all time 4. If Kendrick Lamar died tomorrow (God forbid), he would be the greatest rapper of all time, no contest 5. Eminem is not top 5 all time. He’s top 10-15 for me (some people will kill me for this one) What do y’all think? Let me know what you agree/disagree with!
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Read the marquee. #yeezus #wisconsin 😂😂😂