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Religion or Acceptance | Spoken word poetry . So much love for Janu and KhizJanu and thank you for being a part of my video, they're so adorableeeee. 😭❤️ A huge shoutout to @sundus.sam @sam.inspiresbeauty for filming and editing and basically everything. ❤️ I know it's not that great, but I'm learning. ❤️
I've found that writing my thoughts down where I can see them help tremendously! Even the most beautiful pieces of art start out as nothing more than a vision, but have to be pieced together over time to create a final product. & in that process, you can't tell what the end result will look like as the pieces start to fall until close to the end. So, trust the process. Don't get overwhelmed by the big picture when you've just laid the brush to canvas.
Today is the autumnal equinox, one of two days each year when the day and night are equal length. 🍂 I LOVE these rituals of marking time and celebrating the change of seasons, so I chose today to start my search for next year's calendar and planner. 📆 Organizing our time is just as important as organizing rooms or closets. It's so helpful to get all my commitments down on paper so I don't have to juggle them in my head! It frees up my brain to focus on the present moment. #autumnalequinox #planahead #reclaimyourtime #reclaimyourspace #planneraddict #2018planner #2018calendar #presentmomentconsciousness #nhseacoast #nhcoast #durhamnh #madburynh #portsmouthnh #dovernh #fallisthebestseason #psl #pumpkinseason #pslseason #writeitdown
Shards of happiness linger amongst the green petals of my life. Like waves of light and warmth, the ones you might feel as a kettle boils at its highest temperature before beginning to cool. Soft as a baby's blanket fresh out of the wash and as delicate as the wind pushing a paper airplane. These are the degrees of my life in its minute state. Noticing the dew collecting as the nights turn to morning and as I begin to slow things down again, breathe and smile. Don't ever forget to smile I tell my inner self. A sassy smirk will do just fine today. #intimate #wordporn #release #me #light #love #slowdown #words #writeitdown #whoami #reflection #breathe
You are beautiful 💖 #Repost @nourishmbml ( @get_repost) ・・・ You, my friend, are beautiful. 🎶just the way you are🎶 💗 #writeitdown
The Big Happy Planner is sooo big. I think I'm in love. Check out the second pic with the Mini Happy Planner on top of the big. So cute. 💕
twø fäcęš tø løve • . . there is inevitably dark to combat the light. I talk often about the universe and it's Justice, it's system of balance and "fair" play. what people forget to leave out in their ventures of love is that love is truly not the most beautiful thing in the world (all of the time) . sometimes loving someone includes embracing the darkness within them. you should be able to find that person in a friend or lover, and if you can't then you just keep loving yourself and searching for you. "light is so easy to love" - inspired by @emilyrcse 🌹🖤 . . #poets #poetsofig #wordporn #words #writer #female #love #lovequote #metanoia #words #write #morning #inkstagram #writeitdown #demons #selflove #depression #writersuniverse #herheartpoetry #bymepoetry #writers_den_ @writers_den_ @herheartpoetry @writersuniverse @bymepoetry #angels #artistsoninstagram • . photo by my lovely IG buddy ; @imnazanin ♥️🖤✨ I absolutely love your photos and always look to see if I can use one 👽⚡️
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Write it down! Thanks @voresh #principlesofsuccess #writeitdown
Happy Friday! Stay focused #communicatebetter #ugbdesign
Maybe this is what it feels like to forget. I'm like that traveller who is returning back home after a long tour around beautiful places all over the world. And even though I had been out for such a long time, I never missed my home. Now that I see all these familiar streets and buildings, what I miss more are the valley of flowers where I spent my nights looking up at the sky full of twinkling stars. And you were there with me, with your head resting upon my shoulder. You were there with me when we travelled through cities and countries for so many days. And you would always rest your head upon my shoulder. Which gave more comfort to me than it did to you. And you were there with me, when the raindrops from sweet heaven sprinkled upon the windowpane of my small dusky room, sliding down exquisitely to nowhere. We made love to each other amidst the dusk and night and the rain went on and on like it somehow knew how much we felt for each other. Yes! maybe it knew. Then I started looking for a destination. It all had to be something or it meant nothing. That scared me. I could not travel with you forever if we are not going anywhere. So I left. And now I'm finally back home thinking why did I even leave in the first place. Maybe the time when it meant nothing was the time when it made more sense than it ever did. Now I'm unfalling(it that's a word). That means I'm rising? No, I'm not. How could someone fall by loving and rise by unloving. It's love that takes us to the highest of places we'd ever reach. I'm degrading, decaying, rusting and dying all at the same time. We can only fall if we are already somewhere up on a cliff. And it were you who took me so far upon those mountains. And I decided to jump. So maybe now I'm falling for you. After I've lost you for ever, I'm falling for you. . . #desiretowritee . . . . #instasayings #wordsporn #writersuniverse #farawaypoetry #poemsporn #instagramwords #scribbles #writeitdown #creativewriting #writingcommunity #spilledink #lovepoetry #lovestory #falling