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It may be hot outside but the shop is cool and filled with hella product!! 🔥Today's What Up Wednesday sale is an oldie but goodie: 5 for $55 Active Tees!! Come say what up BB's! 😘 #activecostamesa #whatupwednesday @activerideshop
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Today’s #WhatUpWednesday poll question is: Deadlifts or Coach Matt warming up for those Thanksgiving plate carries tomorrow? Answer below in the comments. #InciteYourRiot #Thanksgiving #GoingBackForSeconds #ThePeeledOnions #CrossFit #WarmupAndWorkout
What's up this Wednesday? Lindsay Gray, producer for MoVoM's student rep in The Student Rep Festival(Dec.8-11), talks about why she is excited for the show! Here's what she has to say: "This is my third time as the producer of MoVoM's student rep. For this show I am so excited to see such a variety of students involved as dancers and choreographers, and (as always) I am amazed by the amount of talent our department has! I am honored to be the producer of MoVoM's student rep because it gives me the opportunity to assist choreographers in presenting their vision." #whatupwednesday
| GET IN POSITION | Wednesday encouragement...if this touches one person that's all that matters #encouragement #wednesday #whatupwednesday #hope #faith #dontgiveup #theknetwork
What up Wednesday, 30% off footwear! Tons of new shoes from Vans, Lakai, Emerica and Converse. Today only, get in here! #whatupwednesday #activerideshop
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Free massages tomorrow in Humanities for Student Appreciation Days! You must sign up on the sheet up in Humanities to get your time slot! We will also have a fruit, yogurt, and granola self-serve bar from 10-4. So come on over tomorrow and treat yo’ self! #whatupwednesday
Tomorrow’s Wednesday so come by say What Up to 30% off footwear! TOMORROW ONLY #WhatUpWednesday (excl Nike, adidas and rainbow)
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