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@kellyclarkson said it best - What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger! 👊 A heartfelt thanks to all our supporters for continuing to root for us throughout the long & challenging production phase 🙏
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Happy #WhatUpWednesday! Our guest on today's episode is @mikearnoldmath of @arnoldtutoring, who joins us to talk about pulling chute from the corporate world, math and what it means to be an "understander". He is pictured here being held by an adult, but make no mistake: Mike punches above his weight class.
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Have you every said the following????: "I'm Big-Boned" Or " I'm just suppose to be this way, just being overweight/big is how I am suppose to live" Why Do I ask this because those two statements I told myself for years in my head and to others ( friends, family, etc.) For years I use to tell myself and others, well I am big boned so I weigh more even though I do workout ( or what i thought was working out wink emoticon;) )or I had told myself I think I am just suppose to be an overweight person, even though i use to be fit I guess I am just meant to be big. I seriously guys believed it for years because if I kept telling myself this and kept feeding my unhappiness it was easier than commiting to eating healthy or actually working out. Right ?!? So wrong guys I had let myself go too far. Than got pregnant with my first son and totally let myself go and that is when the scaled tipped over 240 #'s and enough was enough, I was disgusted with the person I saw in the mirror and knew I needed to be better for this little baby boy and be better for me. That is where my journey began. Four years of working out and yo-yo'ing my weight. Losing it and putting it back on, I finally found my soul mate program in 21 Day fix and drinking my daily shake. Since I commited to that program and several since then and drinking my daily shake I have lost 84 #'s and more importantly KEPT IT OFF!!!! I feel amazing!!! I am happy in my own skin and the person I see in the mirror. Guys there is no secret sauce, it is determination day in and day out with eating right, working out daily and getting the dense nutrition you need. Are you ready to stop giving yourself excuses and talking yourself into keeping you in a box or body you are not meant to be? If you said yes, lets talk, let me help you :) I want you to know you can do it. If I can do it so can you!!!! We all start somewhere, but it is about taking that first step, are you ready? #motivateandinspire #strongertogether #ignitethepossiblites #beachbodycoach #lifechanging #nomoreexcuses #whatupwednesday