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Thought bubble called earth And I lay in the distance Where I feel less resistance The world is a lie: I guess I lost interest To stay alive only is the worst human existence We were created for so much more But to the incepted my words always seem to fall short They don't support me and ask for my support That love was the best but more than I can now afford We are being divided into more digit decimals And our wholeness is lost along with what is sensible I could count a thousand signs As I attempt to escape my real mind Tracking back to our flawed designs Everything I see pressures me immeasurably only to remind I can't see myself walking among the crowd of sedated I'm too far gone from a world too far wrong, I'll remain alienated #writersofinstagram #writing #poetry #poetsofinstagram #alien #thoughtbubble #overthinking #compensation #underthinking #humanity #existence #loveearth
Suddenly I'm not going out tonight. I'm not sure of any plans for the week. I can't tell if people are happy or sad... All left to do is lay down and surround myself in #Purple 💜 #Underthinking 😌 #SundayMood #Relax #StayCalm #Peace
Got a lot on my mind & no one to voice it to. 😔 . . . #needafriend #idontknowanymore #overthinking #underthinking
@Regrann from @poshpedlar - . . 'It's not healthy to be thinking all the time. Thinking is intended for acquiring knowledge or applying it. It is not essential living.' (Ernest Wood) . . Excellent coffee served here, in a bookshop selling books by women/for women/about women. . On days when the McCottage has been full of builders (that'll be two days then, maybe three, tops 🙄) I've sought refuge here, in front of the cheery log burner, overlooking a charming garden. . Once, I'm embarrassed to admit, so please don't tell anyone, I fell asleep, nodded off in the warmth and silence, to be woken by a lassie with my order - hot chocolate and their new line - blackcurrant and liquorice tiffin, I could have chosen lemon and lavender, or ginger and white chocolate, but it's not healthy to be thinking all the time, so I just went for the first on the list. . I have to say it was delish.... What would you have gone for? I'll try the others and let you know! . . #Underthinking is the new #Overthinking #regrann
The stories behind the caps are the true value within them.Yet the funny thing with stories is usually the endings.I just want to know if you've accepted your ending before a possible new beginning. #Thoughts #Life #Confusion #Nerves #Caps #Overthinking #UnderThinking #JustThink #RideItOut #Life #GoodTimes #Caps
#underthinking. Today I woke up verrrry out of sorts. Ordinarily I'd try to *think* my way out of feeling like that; dissecting the 'why' of the bad feelings, reminding myself I have a good life and trying to flip my thinking from negative to positive blah blah blah. This morning, I decided I was tired of always trying to think bad feelings away! I decide to leave them alone. I stuck music in my ears and went for a 20 minute walk instead. And, over the course of the morning the worst of the angst-yness dissipated. All by itself. We've been conditioned (mostly by marketers) to believe that any 'bad' feeling must be gotten rid of as quickly as possible. The thing is, most bad feelings aren't bad. They just 'are'. The more we overthink them, the worse we feel because reminding ourselves 'Hey, you have a good life, you don't get to feel like this', is just a form of self-flagellation. So ... give it a try the next time you feel a little bleh. Don't try to control the feelings away. Leave them be and see what happens.
Salah satu cara untuk tetap tenang dan nyaman adalah melanjutkan, meski entah efek negatif jauh lebih besar dari kenyamanan sesaat... #Candu #gilagilaan #underthinking
Crystal clarity and underthinking - the benefits of an unblocked 6th chakra or third eye #underthinking #reiki #healing #thecalmery photo by @louisecwigmore
Wow this wall is like a person... . . "manchmal denke ich zuviel oder zu wenig"