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Ron Hubbard, owner of Atlas Survival Shelters, relaxes in the BombNado shelter #lifeonthewire #bombshelter #northkorea #war #nuclear #security #california #threat #atlassurvivalshelter #ronhubbard #bombnado #undergroundshelters
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The recent story from Pravda tells us that Moscow, Russia is now prepared for a possible nuclear attack upon their country with enough underground bomb shelters for the entire population of the Russian capital. Telling us that 100% of the city's population will be able to be protected as a result of new approaches to civil defense, we're also told their bunkers are completely maintained, stocked and ready to go should they be needed due to a 'man-made emergency or nuclear attack'. While this recent story from the Associated Press tells us that Russia has just accused the US of nurturing 'an aggressive nuclear strategy' in a strongly-worded statement, this new story from the Gazeta drops a bombshell on us all, informing us that between October 4th and October 7th, a massive drill involving 40 million Russian people and about 200,000 professional rescue units will participate in a massive evacuation drill that will be going on all across the country. You can see their story translated at this Google Translator link. Every major Russian city will be involved in these drills. While 'evacuating' 40 million people may only be a 'drill', we have to take a look at the massive amount of logistics involved to accomplish such maneuvers before we ask if this is really just a 'drill' afterall or something much, much more?
Bomb shelterr In my place how amazing is that ??? Tomorrow I'll go in ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฝclutter scary looking ----Between August 1961 and January 1962, Dade County issued 143 building permits for family fallout shelters. One hundred others were built secretly #bombshelter #family #miamibombshelter #bombshelterunderground #undergroundshelters #getmiami #getmiamirealestate #helenagraddonrealtor #helenagraddon #adventures #happy #coldwar #missiles #bunker
A little background about our upcoming speaker, Hannah Song, at our talk event on April 20th in collaboration with @berkeleyforum and UNRAC: Song was born and raised in New Jersey and graduated from New York University. Prior to her work in @libertyinnorthkorea, she worked in advertising at OgilvyOne and Mindshare, focusing on digital media and emerging technologies. In 2006, she joined LiNK as the Deputy Director, managing day-to-day operations and coordinating overseas programs, including underground shelters, fact-finding missions, and refugee resettlement. At the end of 2008, she took over management of the organization and became President and Chief Executive Officer.