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"I arrived on Lina 349 towards the end of the Innsurection there, Terrasol had been taken and the Innies were all but broken. I tagged along with one of the outlying units on a sweep and clear mission southeast of the city. It had rained for a week prior and it looked to me like it had no intentions of stopping. The number one thing I noticed besides the grime and sunken eyes on the Marines I traveled with was the graffiti; it was everywhere, on helmets, body armor, even some of the M56 Smartguns. I saw everything imaginable scribbled and jotted on whatever surface was available, from simple things like girlfriend's names to nods towards the inevitable death that always lurked in the shadows. The one piece that struck me the most was a simple inscription on the back of a young Marine's body armor, he had scribbled in playful humor "Contents Under Pressure: DISPOSE OF PROPERLY". As harmless as it was I saw the deeper meaning in it, and I think in that lies the truth about the conflict on Lina. Most of the kids who fought there were just that, kids. They weren't told why they were there, only that the enemy was the enemy. Some of them took to it like a duck does to water, proudly boasting of insurrectionists they had "greased", while others performed rituals before each patrol with a religious fervor, a lucky charm, a small cross, always something. Regardless they all learned some hard lessons, most did things they'll question for the rest of their lives, and many more never left planet side. Was it all worth it? Even now it's hard to tell, Lina 349 has been all but forgotten recently. Rumors have surfaced of Weyland Yutani involvement in starting the insurrection to cover up illegal operations they had on the far side of the planet, if this is true it would undermine the entire commitment of the Marines who sacrificed so much there; and I think that's why no one would ever accept it even if it was. Those kids were certainly like contents under pressure, tightly wrapped and encased in protective armor that saved many from bullets and shells but trapped them inside with their own conscious. (⬇️) #tcb_rocketmeaway