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Doggie drawing featuring Paulie the white Frenchie @debshealthypet thanks @kaitlincoledunning for drawing this! And @romioapp for making it all happen! "As a pet professional I am so excited to see Romio coming to town! Led by Tarik Sansal and made up of a team passionate about helping others, it's an excellent resource for finding trusted pet care providers that are recommended by your community. Every day, friends are asking me about who I would use for dog walking or cat sitting, and now I can confidently direct them to Romio to find reliable resources." Check out the new app on June 30! #thepetlady #romioapp #romio #petinfluencer
I walked in to Tim Burton laying on his couch like this. He gets a D- for his guard dog skills but an A+ for cuteness. 馃槏