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#Repost @ari_goes_to_wonderland ( @get_repost) ・・・ Poppyseed Mugcake w/ raspberries & melted white chocolate 🌸🌺🌷 [englich below] • • Guten Morgen ihr Lieben, erst mal - woooooow, danke für 17k, ich freue mich so so sehr über eure ganzen lieben Kommentare, Herzen, euren Support und einfach darüber, dass ihr da seid 💞DANKE 💞 Was macht ihr eigentlich so an diesem grauen Karfreitag? Das Wetter lässt zwar zu wünschen übrig, aber man kann sich die Sonne & gute Laune zumindest auf den Frühstücksteller holen oder? Und deswegen gab es heute meinen Mohn-Mugcake mit frischen Himbeeren & geschmolzenen weißen Xukkerdrops @xucker.de zum Frühstück 💞 das Rezept dazu findet ihr übrigens schon auf meinem Blog - Link in meiner Bio! So und nun hübsche ich mich schnell auf, da ich mich gleich mit meiner lieben Conny @plantbased_food_and_travel treffe 💜 Freude Freude 💜 genießt den hoffentlich freien Tag ihr Lieben🌷xoxo eure Ariane • ✖️✖️✖️ • Good morning Cuties, first I want to thank all of you for 17k 💞 I'm so so happy that I have such a great community here - all your lovely comments, hearts and your daily support make me speechless frequently 💞THANK YOU 💞 So what are you doing on this grey Good Friday? It's no nice weather here in Munich but I brought the sun and the good vibes on plate! Great solution right? So I made this poppyseed Mugcake w/ raspberries and melted white chocolate for breakfast and I loooooved it! You can find the endlich recipe already on my blog - link in bio 💜 So I need to get ready now because shortly I'll meet my girl Conny @plantbased_food_and_travel 💞 I'm so excited! Enjoy your day Lovelies with lots of fun & joy 🌷 xoxo Ariane ________________________________________________ #showwhatyoulove @huaweimobilede @van0510 #showusyourbreakfast @xanjuschx @recoveringlara #wonderland_kitchen #beautifulcuisines #foodblog #breakfastlover #breakfast #frühstück #mugcake #cuisinesworld #huffposttaste #buzzfeast #gloobyfood #f52grams #lovefood #heresmyfood #eattherainbow #feedfeed #vegetarian #vegan #balancednotclean @thefeedfeed #ahealthynut #germanblogger #blogger #foodporndeluxe #healthycuisines #nourish #foodpics #foodisfuel
The last couple of weeks I have been traveling around with my new companion: the #HuaweiP10. From the rugged mountains of Patagonia to the lush coasts of Ireland and currently I'm in Italy joining a mobile photo workshop with @huaweimobilede. This photo was taken with the Huawei P10 and its Pro Mode. #HuaweiLovesTravel #showwhatyoulove #ad 📷 by: @hannes_becker
I documented today's workshop with the #HuaweiP10 over on @Huaweimobilede's Insta Story. So If you want to know who I've met and how my day went in a very unique place I recommend you to have a look. Quality times with great people! (Taken on the Huawei P10 Plus) #HuaweiLovesTravel #ShowWhatYouLove shot by: @hannes_becker #naturepics365
early cockpit views 🛩
Barca❤️ Take me back🙆🏼 Shot with #huaweip10 🌞 @huaweimobilede #showwhatyoulove #huaweilovesfashion
Awesome vibe by: @killakristennn Tag your vibes with #Lokalvibes to get a feature.
#day88 and so the madness #continues 🤣 #flowerchild 🌸✨🦄🦋 #thingsthatmakemesmile #thingsthatmakemehappy #iknowimannoying 🙄 #beingmyselfagain #instagramfiltersgotmelike 😏🌸 #showwhatyoulove #showwhatmakesyousmile #100daysofhappiness #100daysofhappinesschallenge #day88of100 #day88of100happydays taking it easy today. My body feels the change in weather coming wich explains the extra pain I'm feeling today. Keeping it bedbound cause walking hurts to much right now. Doing some reading and some #netflixing 💁🏼 #chronicillnesswarrior #chronicillnesslife #polyneuropathylife #smallfiberpolyneuropathy #smallfiberneuropathy #chronicillness #chronicpain #sharingallofme #sharingallofmyjourney
Really missed taking photos with a proper camera rather than with an iphone, so @alksne took some test shots, soon more on blog ❤️
And in 3 hours as if by magic the sea looked into our train's windows! . . "Dear passangers, we have reached our destination! Batumi station!" . . . #dailygiftofmagic #magicgeorgia
Yes, yes, the fame of Lumière  Brothers haunted me for ever disturbing my sleep at night!..🎬 👸📽 . . And now content as I am about filming my own version of the "Arrival of the Train", on board of that very train, I cant help wondering how could it be so easy for our minds to keep getting used to new things and start taking them for granted, losing that precious sense of wonder in no time. . . It was only in 1895 that people attending the first viewing of the Lumière Brothers' "Arrival of the Train to the Ciotat station" silent actuality film were jumping on their feet and running away from the Grand Café at Boulevard Les Capucines in Paris... and now the most surreal special effects in the movies make us yawn.... . . It was only 5 years ago that I did my customised version of Dante's journey through hell on board of a dirty, smelly, stuffy, dark train travelling from Tbilisi to Batumi and now I have to remind myself that it is really a wonder that Im sitting in my comfortable seat,  enjoying beautiful views and WI-FI, and in 3 hours I will see the sea!... . . . #dailygiftofmagic #magicgeorgia #tbilisibuff8