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I put my phone down for one second close my eyes and I’m fast asleep. I always go sleep first Also Inuyasha looks next level dark here, where he getting this tan from the feudal era what ______________________
We have A week and B week at school and B week is over and I’ve never been more thankful in my life _________________
Hey guys late night throwback Thursday and it's the final pictures of anime expo I finally can post I had a few things going on but hey that's life right it was great meeting you all again especially some who I haven't seen since 2014-2015 your cosplays are always awesome and above and beyond and thanks for taking a picture with a nobody like me #animeexpo #supermariobros #supersmashbros #capcom #darkstalkers #littlemac #lilith #lilithaensland #punchout #android18 #cosplays #cosplayers #cosplayer #cosplay #animeexpo2017 #ax2017 #dragonballsuper #dragonballz #inuyasha #seshomaru #starfire #dccomics #teentitans #dcuniverse #throwbackthursday #nintendo #pokemon #gijinka #ninetails #alolanninetales
Inuyasha discussion: I feel like people are meant to hate these chapters but love them eventually Like I know someone who exposed Ko(u)ga ___________________
I’m sleeping round my friends and I’ve never been more excited except for the fact I’ve not even pACKED Also I have to take a handbag¡! ______________________
Lately I keep thinking of the future. Like what happens when I’m older and wheat I’ll look like. I need to stop stressing ______________________
I’ve never been more happy! So the C3 I was aNGRY about I didn’t have to do, my predicted level on my first GCSE drama performance was a 9! And I feel like a did okay on my English test whilst helping another student. I hope tomorrow is as good ____________________
Me and my cat are just chilling side by side at six in the morning, I’m so tired help ______________________
[credit to the artist] I actually don’t mind Kikyo like bitch let her brEATH. I also want to make another account but Instagram’s not been letting me for the longest time! _________________
Today was a real good day. My lessons tomorrow are better and for the past two days I’ve had a nightmares and at the time their SUPER scary and they still are but I woke up in the middle of the night from the first one and their was lines going diagonal all on my wall. I can’t remember exactly but it was weird ___________________
I found a new book I'm so happy. My new show starts in six weeks and my ice skating lessons start next month¡ Now to get 'along' with my teachers __________________
My ugly ass bitch RS teacher had the AUDACITY to give me a detention for doing my homework, and I FORGOT IT! I HATE SCHOOL AND THAT Jsjsmxkekodwkod TEACHER _______________
When I don't have a work.. So I draw this😊😊..Soryy for who I didn't tags🙏🙇😫😫😫🙇🙇🙏🙏 #Inuyasha #kagome #sango #miroku #shippo #kohaku #seshomaru #rin #jaken