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#TuesdayThoughts: Accessible healthcare is a basic human right! 🎨 by Meredith Stern via @Justseeds #StayLoud for #Health4All! #SaveACA #Regram from @calendow
Sólo necesitamos la compañía de nuestros #CrusherWireless🎧 para desconectarnos 😏🎶 #StayLoud
So happy to announce @carlita_cookie as the winner of my Shakeology contest! So excited for you to try the shakes that have changed my life girl!!! 😍😍 If you've been curious, reach out with questions or click the link in my bio 👆🏽😉
As a kid I always looked forward to hearing the elotero's honk and as it got closer I'd run out with money in hand, ready to eat my corn on the cob, spread with mayo, and sprinkled with cheese. I think most of my friends who grew up in a primarily Hispanic/Latino community know what I mean when I say the elotero's presence is part of our culture so watching the viral video of a man publicly attacking the elotero man angered and hurt me. How could somebody be so disrespectful to somebody trying to make an honest living? How could another Latino do this to another brother of Latino descent? I try to always use letters to spread positivity, but once I got this mans address I knew it was going to include some negativity. No cussing, but simply a piece of my mind. On the front of the envelope I shared a quote which reads, "RUDENESS IS THE WEAK PERSONS IMITATION OF STRENGTH." It's true and we really have to treat each other with kindness, love, and respect. Our actions and behavior towards each other is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves. To love you is to love myself. We must remember, "NO MATTER HOW EDUCATED, TALENTED, RICH OR COOL YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE, HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE ULTIMATELY TELLS ALL. INTEGRITY IS EVERYTHING." ❤️✊🏽🌽
Healthcare isn't a privilege it's a basic human right ✊🏾 // 🎨 by Meredith Stern @misstrouserpants #Health4All #BeTheChange #SaveACA #ACA #HealthCareIsAHumanRight #HumanRights #ProtectOurHealthCare #StayLoud
Na folga a gente faz o que? Queima o Bacon! #burn #skullcandy #stayloud #moto360 #androidwear
Weekly #contest for a Skullcandy prize pack. Name the artist: Let me go crazy on you 🎶 🎧 #CrusherWireless #stayloud
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