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Let's talk about ROSE!🌹 - 🔎 Rose contains a wide variety of ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins and rose essential oil which has emollient properties for moisturizing; it also contains antiseptic properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties to sooth skin. ✨ - 🌹Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater 🌹 . - 🌹The Beauty Bakery Rose Spray Dewy Mist 🌹 . 🐰 Natural & Organic 🐰 Locally handcrafted in the Philippines 🇵🇭✨ - Packaging: MB's Plastic container Vs. BB's frosted glass bottle. I'd say it depends on your preference, aesthetic wise, BB's bottle looks pretty but MB's is much easier to bring to travels and is much simple. Spray wise, MB's sprays much more fine mist and aims well. BB's spray dispenses a bit stronger. 😊 - Scent: MB's rosewater's rose scent is softer and more noticable than BB's, but they both smell natural and good, almost similar notes of rose.🌹 - Consistency & Color: MB's is less runny than BB's it also gets absorbed slightly faster than BB's and it leaves a much hydrated dewy finish. BB's consistency is a bit runny, almost water like, it also hydrates just enough. Results are pretty close and don't vary too much. They both are rose colored.😍 Both are also good before and after makeup. ☺️ - Affordability: MB is pricey and is hard to find locally here in the Philippines. While BB is a local hand crafted brand made here which has much much lower price point.✨ - Verdict: I wouldn't say that BB's rosewater is an exact dupe for MB's, but i'd say it's a good sub for it. They both aim for the same purpose and they both deliver, just differ a tiny bit on results but huge difference in terms of price points. MB hydrates more, BB hydrates enough, both made my skin soft and dewy. If you are into rose scented products I do recommend both for quick dewy hydration fix.😌 🌹 - #supportlocalph #lovelocalph #honestandlocal
Not only great as a Christmas gift, the Jolly Joyful Christmas set from @daisyskymalaysia is perfect for traveling too! Head to http://bit.ly/2hHuZUr to find out what you’ll be getting in the set. . . #daisyskymalaysia #daisysky #skincare #skincareroutine #skincarejunkie #organicskincare #organic #vegan #veganskincare #naturalskincare #naturalbeauty #rose #roseskincare #chamomile #cleanser #mask #toner #moisturizer #travel #travelbeauty #travelskincare #pampermy
Who loves facial steams? They are great for opening up the pores and prepping the skin for any treatment🌹 * * 🌹Up on the blog we share a ✨DIY Rose-Infused Facial Steam ✨recipe ➡️link in bio 💫 * * 💕Share in the comments what are some of your favorite facial steam blends 💕 * *
Jest naczynka i go nie ma 😉 szkoda że nie udało mi się uchwycić pozostałych tak szybko znikały 😁 koszt nos 99 zł #betterskin #roseskincare #warszawa #warszawawłochy #obok #strefaformy #factoryursus
"My face has not felt or looked better since using this at night!" We 💛 hearing your reviews! Our Age Gracefully moisturizer is infused with organic Neroli oil which helps to improve skin elasticity, stimulate new skin cell growth, and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 🌸 #NeroliOil #AntiAging
For the month of November we are donating a portion of all sales to the Michigan chapter of #AdoptAFamily 💖 Because every kid deserves a warm, wonderful, joyous, and sometimes occasionally awkward 🐰 Holiday. 🎄 #HappyHolidays #AChristmasStory
My midweek & Sunday regime. Clay mask is known for oil control and pulling out dirt from our skin. This goes well with the La Vie En Rose face scrub. Just what i need to re-energize with the aromatic smell and goodness it brings to my skin! So so smooth. 🌹🌹🌹 * #Repost @whifflove ( @get_repost) ・・・ #getglowing with Rosey Clay Mask is finally back in stock! One of our top best sellers keeps getting sold out so get your #skinloving tub of amazing goodness! - What is it great for? • hydrates skin • brightens skin • lighten blemishes and scars • balances sebum production • soothes acne & clarifies pores • purifies & revitalize skin • anti ageing - On top of that, its aroma is so calming & therapeutic for your soul. Using only the best 100% therapeutic grade Rose Essential oil. Skin loving. Soul loving. What’s not to love? • Head to www.ritzydee.com to purchase. #whifflove #natural #naturalcare #naturalbeauty #naturalremedies #rose #roseskincare #greenbeauty #greenskincare #claymask
11.15.17 pm How is it already 1/2 way thru November?? Wasn’t it just Halloween a few days ago?? 🤔 Here’s tonight’s routine. Very similar to what I’ve been using lately, hence not as many posts. Oh! But here’s a new item. I bought these @Sheseido Facial Cotton squares at the @Sephora sale last weekend. Wowza. They are super soft, super thick and DON’T FALL APART OR PILL ON MY FACE!! Whaaaatttt?!?! Totally worth the hype, imho. ❤️❤️❤️ Run, don’t walk, and go get these. Who knew?!? 🏃🏽🏃🏻‍♀️👌 🌼Farmacy Green Clean (used the Facial Cotton) 🌼Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip 🌼Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner (used the Facial Cotton) 🌼Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator 🌼Vant 36.5 AHA 5% Toner (used the Facial Cotton) (This is from a past @beautyinhanguk BeSpoke Box!)❤️ 🌼AlureVe Serum with 2 drops of 🌼Paula’s Choice Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster 🌼ReVive Neck Renewal Cream (just remembered this has spf in it. Argh) 🌼Clarins Lip Contour Balm 🌼Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb for my 👀 only 🌼D-Mask Rose Water Revital Mask (thank u @joleloveskbeauty!! From your giveaway! Yay!!) Love love love the results I get when I consistently sheet mask. ❤️❤️❤️ . . . . #sheetmask #skincareroutines #facialcotton #kbeauty #abcommunity #abcommunitymademedoit #carolinehironsmademedoit #365beauty #11steproutine #antiagingbeauty #over40skincare #brighterskin #beautyinhanguk #roseskincare
We discovered through a lot of trial and error that when it comes to these Brow and Lash boosting products, the applicator is where it's at. That is why we chose an eyeliner component for precision application. Mascara wands can get messy and end up getting the product more in your eyes than on your Lash line. No good! 🚫 We also picked (from many) different organic oils to find our very favorites as far as consistency and performance! *check previous post for ingredients* We hope you will love this Lash and Brow growth enhancing elixir as much as we do. 🖤 #LashGrowth #BrowGrowth #LinkInBio
This @finchberry soap is almost too pretty to use! 😍 Who else loves handmade soaps?
Thank you to all returning & new customers! We are still alive and kicking only because of you guys! 💃🏻 Experience Whifflove to experience a natural & aromatic way of caring for your skin. Get glowing ✨ #whifflove #natural #naturalcare #naturalbeauty #naturalremedies #greenbeauty #greenskincare #roseskincare #naturalingredients