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There's a black space where my soul should be... Black on black, direct from London. Had to model in front of the concrete walls of the emergency stairwell, obviously. 😈 these were sold out well before the show in Boston- thank you @raymondwatts for making more of them, I finally have something to match my soul 😈 #pigindustries #pig #preyandobey #lordoflard #industrial #toxicouk #raymondwatts @toxico.uk
@kissmykunst blasting out a bit of Swine & Punishment by @raymondwatts today while heat-pressing the Deal Of The Week shirts. Grab yours for £10 before midnight tonight! Link in bio - #kissmykunst #pig #raymondwatts #wearableart #seeninthedeen #altfashion #alternative #industrial #industrialmusic #kmk #kunst #art #tshirt #screenprinting #altblog #fashiondesign #organic #soundtrack #ifyouliveinawhorehouseyouregonnagetfucked #preyandobey
Come see @galen_waling which is joining in on drums for @lordsofacid this tour! Photo shot during @julienkofficial ‘s set in Chicago, IL #preyandobey tour
Amir of @julienkofficial on the #preyandobey tour, in Wilmington DE
@ghostfeeder in NYC on the #preyandobey tour
Sometimes the blur is the goal. @therealrynsk of @julienkofficial in Cincinnati on the #preyandobey tour
@bidicobra and @therealrynsk in Cincinnati dominating the stage on the #preyandobey tour #julienk
There is nothing quite like finishing your workout and getting ready to eat your boring healthy meal and smelling DELICIOUS CHEESEBURGERS wafting through the open patio door 😭😭😭 #girlswholift #preyandobey #cheeseburgers
It has, somehow, already been a month since this night, since what I can without a doubt call the greatest night of my life. August 8th, the culmination of my pilgrimage across two provinces and dozens of cities. The trip I didn't realise I needed until it happened. I was looking through the pictures of that night to find one I hadn't shared here, and I realised a lot of them are, sadly, a bit blurry... fuzzy... whatever you want to call it. The reason behind it is far from sad, though; they're fuzzy because you move around a lot. With so much energy within you, you must find it hard when you have to stand still! Since that night a month ago, my mind has been a reflection of the energy you had in you. It moves and jumps around just as you do, seemingly unable to contain itself. My creative juices have been flowing freely, like water overflowing from a flower pot left under the rain. A welcome change from the last few years where I struggled to create anything at all... and struggled just as much to enjoy the process. People around me have always said you can read my emotions very easily from my face, but I didn't quite realise what they meant until I looked back at the pictures from that night. Everyone has been commenting on how much more cheerful I am. After you were done talking to us during the meet and greet, my friend Jérôme told me he could already see my eyes sparkling like never before. My face felt like it was going to crack from smiling so much. The first time my mom saw me after I came back, she was holding back tears of joy after seeing just how damn happy I was and seeing that my inspiration had returned. In fact, my whole family has been commenting on how much happier I am since I came back from Montréal. My artist friends are overjoyed to see me return to my craft - and most importantly, enjoy it again - after so long. Everyone sees the difference. I know there's such a thing as a post-concert high, but usually that only lasts a few days... When it's still going on a month later, that's how you know it goes beyond that. Thank you, once more, for that night, for that show... for everything. @raymondwatts
@reggieslive in Chicago 6/30/17. Great show and great to see you again @raymondwatts! The time will hopefully come when I'm not so damn slow with photos. #pig #watts #preyandobey #reggies #industrialmusic #sinsation #raymondwatts #thegospel #chicago #praisethelard #reggieschicago #enesch #gunterschulz
A happiest of birthdays to the finest of swine, @raymondwatts 🖤🔥🐷and it's close to the anniversary of The Gospel, my first introduction to PIG- an album that came into my life at exactly the right time. I knew this ribbon I photographed at an antiques shop would come in handy ;) #raymondwatts #preyandobey #lordoflard #pigindustries
me and the lord of the lard, the mighty swine, @raymondwatts (, ex- @kmfdm_official) reunited! 🐷 August 8, 2017 💀💋
I love the lighting in this one. #reggiesrockclub and PIGs lighting guy Bill made this show probably the best shooting for me the whole run I made it out to. This one and NYC. Shot taken of @therealrynsk of @julienkofficial July 2nd, Chicago IL #preyandobey
Guenter Schulz from the @raymondwatts #preyandobey tour in Chicago
@raymondwatts himself from the #preyandobey tour