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🚨🤩Trainer Spotlight🤩🚨 • • • #Repost @lex_legski ( @get_repost) ・・・ 💪🏼want to know what made me smile today? meet ARETA! mid-session, she asked me to GO UP IN WEIGHT for reverse lunge face-pulls. we kept going up to 90 # & she goes "100lbs. for Christmas!" • • • as a Personal Trainer who pushes people past their limits in & out of the gym for over 6 years, it has been rarity to have someone who WANTS to go beyond what I tell them; & that's exactly when I know my true value in the lives of others. • • • we connected through my high school friend @DKuritza & have been meeting at @ChicagoBarbellCompound, 2x/week since September; along with assigned "homework" aka programming. she has made nothing but LEAPS & BOUNDS because she is DEDICATED!! we train a lot of unilateral movements to work on strengthening imbalances. • • • THIS IS MY LIFE; plus, I have the knowledge, experience, certifications, & education to back it up. ready to take that next step in your own life? know someone who is?! LET'S CONVERSE: text/call - (847)770-0609 e-mail - AbsoluteWellnessSolutions @gmail.com #pursueyourbest #motivate #inspire #achieve #PersonalTrainer #PersonalTraining #Nutrition #HealthCoach #workout #train #conditioning #strength #power #endurance #speed #fitness #athlete #wellness #strengthtraining #weightlifting #lifting #core #unilateraltraining #programming #ChicagoBarbellCompound #Chicago #Chicagoland
Happy Saturday y’all! Spent our evening decorating for Christmas 🎄🤗 . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Most people want to lose weight, but they don’t want to face the reality that it is an UNCOMFORTABLE process! ☹️ • A couple of days ago I posted the truth about weight loss- that it happens by creating an energy deficit (burning more calories than you consume) 🔥. What a lot of people don’t realize is this means HUNGER! 😩 • Here’s the truth about hunger and weight loss: - 1. It is unavoidable. If you want to lose weight, you are GOING to face hunger. - 2. You’ll have to become comfortable with the discomfort of hunger. Weight loss is best done over relatively long periods of time, so you’ll have to become comfortable with hunger 🧐. Try staying active and keeping your mind focused elsewhere, it’ll be more bearable 👍🏼 - 3. Hunger is NOT an emergency 🚨🚑. Americans are particularly bad at managing hunger. It’s not the end of the world- you don’t have to eat something the moment you feel yourself becoming hungry. It’s simply a physical response, like becoming tired or needing to use the restroom. - 4. Hunger can be combated with ample protein intake 🥩 (eat approx. 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass- usually 75-85% of your body weight), eating lots of vegetables 🥦🥒🥕🥗, and drinking lots of water 💧 (3-4 liters per day). • If you’re trying to lose weight- you’ll be hungry at times. And that’s okay! Use some of the tips above to combat it ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼 • #GEMTraining #GivingExerciseMeaning #OnlineTraining #PersonalTraining #Nutrition #HealthyTips
Because I need to share with you the best sushi I’ve ever eaten🍣 Trying to go out for a special occasion? Maybe a date? Just be more social? Good for you! You should! However, you still want to stay on track? Sushi👏🏻for👏🏻the👏🏻win👏🏻Easily trackable, not filled with or cooked in suspicious unknown sauces/salt that’s often hard to account for, and isn’t going to make you feel like crap in the morning. I don’t suggest hoarding #macros but they’re flexible for a reason, and if you take my advice and go to @nobunewyork for some sushi you better go IN! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend full of fabulous adventures and fabulous food👆🏼 #sushi #yummy #straighttothebooty
Este filme mostra as diferenças de uma mulher para os homens na Marinha. Superação, físico adaptado aos treinamentos e um condicionamento físico faz que ela teste seu limite psicológico em um filme com roteiro de 20 anos atrás. Vale a pena para motivar-se. Para viver a história real da primeira mulher a ingressar na principal força de operações especiais da Marinha dos Estados Unidos, os "Navy Seals", Demi Moore deixou a vaidade de lado e superou incríveis desafios. Às 4h da manhã, bem antes das filmagens, começava o dia e o treinamento da atriz para o impactante "Até o Limite da Honra" (1997). #atrizesquemalham #superação #motivação #filmesinspiradores #treino #treinar #leninramalho #personaltrainer #personaltraining #personalcaxiasdosul