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Lechon is ready for tomorrow's soft opening. Make sure to come by as we'll be running a limited menu until the food runs out. See you maΓ±ana! #sanguich #sanguiches #sanguichdemiami #cuban #panconlechon #medianoche #panconbistec #pork #cityham #cubancoffee #cafecito #openingday #calleocho #littlehavana #littlehavanamiami #miamitours #bigredbus
Crispy Brussel Caesar - on left w added w Blackened Chicken and Avocado- on the right Reggae!! Thanks to everyone who came out for our first day of Business!! Very successful first day!! #foodie #munchies #foodtruck #sanantonio #spursnation #spurs #munchies #texas #openingday #supportsmallbusiness #iwantthat #foodporn #beer #wine #craftbeer #craftsandwiches #craftsoda
--Part One: It was opening day of Bear Season here in WNC today and can't help but reminisce a bit about opening day of the 2013 season. I took that day off from work as we had a couple of huge bears that were frequent visitors to the piece of land we were hunting. I stayed in the woods all day and had my camera setup self filming the hunt, hoping to capture some good footage; around 3:30pm, my wife called and wanted to come sit with me hoping one of the beasts would make an appearance before dark; I tell her I've not seen a thing all day, but she gets to the stand around 4pm anyway. I took the camera down and handed it to her when she arrived, thinking the footage would be better with her filming and I could focus solely on the shot if by chance one of the bears showed up. We put a plan together, discussing how things would go down if a shot was to present itself. She must of had some sort of premonition that evening because she told me that I was going to get a shot at 5:33pm, and I was like "yeah, ok".... Low and behold, at 5:30pm, I catch movement down the hill below me and sure enough, one of the big bears was working it's way right in front of us picking up acorns. I told Amber to get ready because it was about to go down. The bear is within feet of my shooting lane and I'm hoping that the wifey has captured some good footage, so I ask her, "Are you Ready," to which I get no response, I then ask two more times, same thing, me not realizing that she never heard me whispering to her and by now, the bear is right in my shooting lane, so I let my Winchester Model 70 .270WSM rip, in which Amber drops the camera to the floor of the blind because she wasn't prepared for the shot... (Turn the volume up because the commentary is amazing, "Ohhh, my ears!!!"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚). After the shot, we discussed whether the shot was true and where did the bear go, because I was so intently focused on the shot and then the camera falling to the ground that I never saw which way the bear went, although I give immense props to Amber because she was dialed in on every step the bear took and where it crashed. She was also dead-on with the time of the shot, 5:33pm, Unreal!!
Not the greatest opening weekend but we are back out hunting! #drakewaterfowl #drakepnw #openingday
6:30 PM Class grinding through the Strength/Skill work together.😀😀😀 Don't forget we offer a one week free trial so grab a friend and come check us out! . . . #openingday #champs #thegridfitness #getgridfit