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My walls are built up high, forever bound to be steep. I got bird's eye view of all the secrets you keep.
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Thank you everyone for your kind comments and support regarding the “Off the wall exhibition” at the Ipswich community gallery. If you haven’t seen it yet you still have time as it is running till Sunday 26th of November. #OffTheWall #ipswichqld #artsconnect #community #art
Maybe someday, maybe never. 😅 • Surprised to find a moment of balance off the wall here... this is actually easier than straight legs because there’s just less flopping around up there! @flexandflow #adhomukhavrkasana #padmasana #lotus #handstands #inversions #yogisofcolor #yoga #offthewall
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LAST PART "W-what? Are you serious?" He asked. You nodded smiling. "No, no, Y/N, are you serious?" The pitch of his voice getting higher. "I'm serious Michael." You said, smiling. "I took 3 tests." "Oh my god." He stood up before covering his face. He was crying. "I'm gonna be a dad?" He asked, lifting his face from his hands. "Are you serious right now? Y/N baby, please tell me this is real." All you could do was smile, he was so happy. "Yes, you're going to be a dad, Michael." You stood up smiling. "We're going to have a family. Our own family," He said, crying happy tears. He pulled you into a hug and pressed his lips to yours. He was smiling throughout the whole kiss. He pulled away and looked down at you. He knelt down so he was facing your stomach. "Hi, I'm your Dad and I can't wait to meet you. Mommy and Daddy are waiting for you and we love you so much," He said before planting a soft kiss onto your stomach. He stood up and stared into your eyes. "We did it, babygirl." He said. "We did it." You replied.
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Part 2 You did what you had to do and took the test. Then you waited for 5 minutes. That was the longest 5 minutes of your life. You kept your eyes on the test, waiting for something to show up. Finally, the result showed on the test. Positive. What? You couldn't believe it. This had to be a mistake. How could it say positive? You glanced over at all of the pregnancy tests on the counter and grabbed another one. The adrenaline and shook running through your veins was immense. You put them all back on the counter while you waited for the results to show up. You were getting cold sweats so you washed your face with some cold water to calm yourself down. Thinking about how this could be possible. The results finally showed up. Every single one of them read positive. You were in shock but if 3 tests said you were pregnant, you really are pregnant. You screamed and laughed in happiness which was soon followed by tears. After months of trying, you were finally pregnant. You were so proud and relieved. The next thing that came to your mind was Michael. He was going to be home from work in 15 minutes and you wanted to surprise him with the news in person. You left the tests in the bathroom so he wouldn't see them when he came in. You were sitting on the bed when you heard the front door unlock. Michael’s angelic voice call out for you "Honey?" He said. "In our room!" You replied. Your hands were clammy and shaking. Why were you so nervous? He want this as much as you want. His footsteps neared the door and you took one last deep breath before putting on a calm front. "Hi baby!" You said happily, smiling. "Hey babygirl, why are you in such a good mood?" He said smiling. He walked over and planted a kiss on your cheek before going to the dresser to change into comfy clothes. You wanted to wait for him to be comfy before you told him the news. "Uhm Michael.. I want to tell you something." You said. He turned around and walked over to you. "Okay, what is it?" He asked, sitting beside you. You bit your lip before taking another deep breath. "I'm pregnant." You said as huge smile spread across your face. He just stared at you.
Part 1 You woke up and had a fuzzy feeling in your uterus. You didn't think much of it because a female body is just wierd like that. You got into the shower, washed your hair, body and just let yourself relax for a bit. You sat down in the shower and let the water hit your skin. Your eyes shot open when you heard the sound of the shower door swinging open. Michael stepped inside of the shower and sat down beside you. "How are you?" He asked. "I just want us to have family. There's nothing I want more." You sighed the last word. "I know baby. I know. Me too." He replied. He kissed your forehead. Michael stood up and grabbed the shampoo. "Want me to help you wash up?" He smiled. You nodded and stood up. He washed you off and gave you a nice little back massage. You guys did make out for like 20 minutes too, but hey, when you're naked in the shower, that kind of stuff happens. An hour later you laid down in the bed and read a book. You we're reading 50 Shades Of Grey and quite honestly, you find it pretty hot. You kept getting these crampy feelings all throughout your lower stomach. You weren't supposed to get your period but this sure felt like it was coming. You curled up in a ball and held your stomach as the cramps got worse. "Honey, are you okay?" Michael said, walking to you. "I think my periods coming so I have cramps." You frowned. "Baby," He frowned. "Do you want advil and water?" You nodded and smiled at him. "Thanks, babe." You said. 2 weeks later You woke up and knew immediately that something was wrong. You ran to the bathroom and puked. It all came so fast, you didn't know what was going on. Michael had already left for work so had to take care of yourself on your own. After 15 minutes of puking, you began to get concerned. The feeling in your stomach hadn't gone away and now you were throwing up. Without hesitation you opened the cabinet over the basin and took out 3 pregnancy tests. You had some pregnancy tests left because you have been trying for so long to get pregnant. You laid the 2 pregnancy tests on the bathroom counter and took a deep breath. You grabbed one and went to the toilet.
Michael was on world tour for his album Dangerous and you haven't seen him for months. It's ten ó clock and you laying in your bed, scrolling through camera roll looking at old photos of you and Michael. Suddenly you hear a door close. Worried, you grab the closest thing to protect you from whoever just came into your apartment. You hear footsteps nearing your room and you taking a deep breath filled with fear before your door infront of you opens. You see someone who you feel like you haven't seen in ages. "Michael" You whisper and jump into his arms. He lifts you up as you wrap your legs around his torso, spinning you in circles. Neither of you speak, just taking in each others presents. You kiss his lips and he slowly settle you down. A tears fell down your cheek and you couldn't believe he's actually home now. "Don't cry baby, I'm home now." He smiled as he softly wiped your tears with his thumb. He pulls you closed by your hips and you wrap your arms around his neck tightly and stare into his sparkling, tearfilled eyes with a smile. "I missed you so much" You said and he grabbed your face and kissed your lips. "I missed you too sweetheart." He whispered near your lips.
LAST PART That smile that he made, made you smile back. Those eyes that made you know that there wil always be a beautiful warmness in his features that he'll never die out. His touch that secures you no matter what. His words that made you actually believe that you'll always feel loved and cared for, even when no one else took that place before. His forehead rested against yours as he shut his eyes. "Please don't ever to that to you ever again. I love you, so so much." He muttered as your eyes was closed as well, loving the warmness that went through your body. "I love you so so much, too." You replied, sighing softly as he planted a loving kiss on your lips. You smiled as the both of you pulled away. You smiled because Michael made you feel a lot more better, believe that theres hope. You smiled because Michael made you feel happy when you weren't. He pulled you against his chest and hugged you tightly and close. His strong arms around your waist, making circles with his warm hand on your back as your arms tightly around his neck. You smiled because with Michael by your side, everything will be alright.
Part 4 But you just gotta' stay strong, because everythings gonna be alright." He whispered the last part, changed your bad thoughts, into good and positive ones. You inhaled a deep breath, as Michael leaned down against the injured skin. You suddenly felt his lips make contact with the deep cuts that represented what life and people has thrown at you. You're ugly - One cut. He kissed that. You're an attention whore - One cut. He kissed that. You're worthless - One cut. He kissed that. You're fat - One cut. He kissed that. And he made sure to kiss the rest, carefully and slowly, taking his sweet time. It brought tears in your eyes as he stood there, kissing the flaws as if the only thing that will helps it go away was to kiss them away. You stayed there glued to the floor, as your boyfriend of 9 months, kissed the scars. The fact that nobody else knows about this secret, besides Michael, shocked you. And the only way he actually could find out about this, was seeing the blade itself in front of his eyes. You wasn't even ever planning to tell or mention Michael about any of this. That's why the cal it hidden scars, right? No one will never notice your scars. You could put on the most fakes smile that you could muster, and everyone will think that you're alright, and that nothing's wrong with you. A smile could hide many things. "Your beautiful, you really are. I'm so proud to call you my girlfriend and I want to show the whole world that your my girl. The boys would get so fucking jealous, I already know that. And I'll be here to tell you it over and over again until it gets through your beautiful head." He said against your skin, kissing the last scar, before gently pulling away. A tears streamed down your face, before he wiped it away with his thumb. He cupped your cheeks with his big hands, staring into your eyes. "I love you and always remember that too. And if you forget about it, the-" "Then you'll tell me over and over again until it gets through my mind" You smirked, finishing his sentence. A smile cracked on his face as he chuckled at you. He nodded, pressing his lips up against the tip of your nose.
Part 3 You don't like to cry in front of people. You don't like seeing him give you all this attention towards you. You don't like to see Michael worry about you, it's sad to see his hurt expression, especially since you've been keeping this secret for so long without telling a living soul. "(Y/N).." He said while a tear fell down his cheek. He carefully held onto the back of your forearm, as he bowed his head down. Feeling his warm tears hit your cut wounds. "Do you do this because you feel like you're not worth it?" He asked, rubbing soothing circles at the side of your arm with his thumb. "I know, I'm not worth it" You whispered, still staring down at him, trying to figure out what he'll do next. "Life sucks, and I hate it." "You shouldn't hate life..." He muttered, his hot breath fanning against your skin. "Especially because you got an amazing boyfriend who will love you forever." He spoke, now looking up at you. "You're so beautiful, and you shouldn't do this to yourself, sweetheart." "I don't do this for no reason Michael. I can't take life... It hates me. No one would ever even care if I died." You cried, the negative thoughts about you, filling your mind completely and you were filled with anxiety. "(Y/N)," Michael looked at you. "I'm still here, I love you. And I would care. I couldn't live a day without you, you understand? I care and love you every single day and I will never stop. You know why? Because your the most amazing, prettiest and most adorable girl I know. You're very important to me. I don't want to lose you. You're staying here. With me. You're strong and I know it." Your heart fluttered at this words, and you couldn't help but feel that he was saying, was the truth. But there's still a piece of negative thoughts deep inside of you that will always stay in you. "I'm not strong Michael. If i was strong, I wouldn't cry" You said, staring into his eyes deeply, showing him that you were saying is the complete truth. "Crying doesn't mean your weak. It means that you have been strong far to long" He smiled a bit. "I know you're strong. Do it for me. I'll help you through this, and we will find the light at the end of the tunnel.