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@jeandevine sketch of the second iteration Women's Apron. It's going to be even better with these minor tweaks and details. I'm fussy about my aprons. Want this one to be the one I always grab. Pushing to get them online asap. #womensaprons #apron #linen #owbrooklyn #iloveprocessshotsthebest
I gave my mother-in-law this OW greeting card for her 76th birthday and it put a smile on her face. 🎂You can buy them individually, in sets of five or mix and match your favorite sayings. Follow link 👆to SHOP. #greetingcards #owbrooklyn #birthdays
I'm all about gifting food. I think there's nothing nicer than receiving some baked goods, a nice bottle of olive oil or some sea salt. Gifting food is like gifting happiness. We've got a selection of gift tags that are perfect for these occasions. Foil printed, they come in packs of 6 for $15 with twine attached. Head over to the updated website to shop these beauties!!🏷 #bakedgoodies #gift #stationery #foilprinted #owbrooklyn #giftfoodgifthappiness
Super excited to launch online this weekend the OW stationery line, including these letterpressed greeting cards. You can buy them individually $5.50 or in a set of 5 for $19.50 They're a culinary take on the usual suspects. There are also foil printed food gift tags that come in packs of six. Perfect for the folks that love to gift food. Only one more day to wait !! Cannot wait to get these out in the world and hear what ones are your favorites. #letterpress #greetingcards #owbrooklyn
Got a favorite OW Kids Apron? Navy Stripe, Red Star, Railroad Stripe, Taupe, Indigo Linen. Follow link to website where you can shop the entire line. 🍴 #kidsaprons #kidscook #odettewilliams #owbrooklyn
Super excited for next week when we launch these new Kids Linen Aprons for Spring. After the popularity of the Indigo we're going to be adding Pinstripe, Charcoal and Natural. They're super soft on the little ones bodies. What'd y'all think ? Got a favorite ? #kidscook #owbrooklyn #odettewilliams
Forget Tiffany. I'd take an edible heart necklace from my daughter any day. #valentines #kidscook
Anyone else doing two kids classes worth of Valentines this week ? 🍸If your feeling ambitious or just wanting to crush this year in the Valentines stakes you could make these cookie necklaces. Kids go bananas at the thought that you can eat the jewels. I'll show you tomorrow a finished necklace. Hearts, swords, stars, clouds.. A little twine 👌
Inspired by the old school butchers that luckily still exist in our Brooklyn neighborhood. I have such vivid memories going into my local butcher as a kid and the distinct smell. If we were good the butcher, Chris Dunn would give my brother and I a Cocktail Frankfurt to snack on. #butchers #owbrooklyn #odettewilliams #kidscook
What Monday looks like.
This is it.. Last chance to snap up 20% OFF all OW Kids Apron Sets just in time for Valentines. I love the concentration of these little bakers here! So determined. Just enter code: Valentines at checkout. Follow link to shop for your little ones. ❤️❤️❤️ #owbrooklyn #odettewilliams #valentines
❤️VALENTINES 20% OFF SALE ❤️ Kids Apron Sets. This weekend only! Enter code: VALENTINE at checkout. The perfect Valentines gift for the budding baker. Happy Friday Folks! #odettewilliams #owbrooklyn #valentines
❤️❤️ Yahoo.. It's Friday AND 20% OFF all Kids Apron Sets this weekend only. Follow link to shop with code: VALENTINE #owbrooklyn #odettewilliams #valentines
❤️VALENTINE SALE BEGINS❤️ 20% OFF all Kids Apron Sets Starts tonight ends Sunday. Enter code: VALENTINE at checkout Follow link in profile to buy a special little keepsake for the future baker in your life. It's nearly time to start baking sweet treats together ! #sale #valentines #owbrooklyn #odettewilliams
This chef means business. Monogram on Denim Apron Set. #kidscook #owbrooklyn #odettewilliams
💙BACK IN STOCK 💙We've got limited numbers of these Navy Star Apron Sets back online to shop tonight. These are really cute for boys and girls. Classic Navy. Follow link to shop. Happy MLK day! #odettewilliams #kidscook #owbrooklyn
Congratulations to @amanda_philippe for winning the @odettewilliams @soor_ploom Holiday giveaway. We hope you love your delivery. 🎄🌟🎄🌟 A big thank you to everyone who entered. Have a wonderful, yummy Holiday with your family and friends. Xx
Here's a great way to bundle up the @onegirlcookies Vanilla Sugar Cookie recipe that's on our blog if you're searching for a simple kid-friendly one. We used @knotandbow ribbon and tags. Sweet right ! #giftingfoodisthebest #owbrooklyn #sugarcookies #onegirlcookie #knotandbow