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Finnish Lapland. For whatever reason I love visiting remote and hard to reach places and I usually seem to visit northern destinations at their coldest. Such was the case for me in Rovaniemi, Finland - the famous home of Santa Claus. Lapland is about so much more than a fat man in a red suit though and my favorite moments there were all spent outdoors. If you love nature there are few better places to visit, even if it's a brisk -30 degrees as was the case one afternoon when I joined a snowmobile tour. Even though the low temps wreaked havoc on me and my camera, it was a blast being out there and experiencing a place where so few have visited, a place that's beautiful any time of year but which takes on a special dazzling brilliance when snow blankets the entire landscape. 📷: @landlopers
-What’s better than a beautiful evening in a magical place with a wonderful view?