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#NATAALIEN #MYLIFE #MYWAY #SURVIVOR #BLESSED #BEYOUROWNHERO #BELIEVE #DONOTGIVEUP #LOVEISMYRELIGION❤ Today is my little personal anniversary.. It's an anniversary of being a Survivor ! Exactly a year ago, on a beautiful spring day, I found myself in a situation which I could never imagine happening to me but it did.. My world literally collapsed and I had to start everything from zero... It's life and it's the way it teaches us lessons.. This lesson was very tough one and made me see many things from different perspective. So, now, after 365 different and mostly difficult days I say THANK YOU for the this lesson! and THANK YOU🙏🏻to all people and to my close friends who were by my side, who didn't let me down, who were there for me. Thank you all with lots of love ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I'M BLESSED HAVING YOU IN MY LIFE 🙏🏻❤