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5k is done!! Maggie was an EXTREMELY good girl. If you know Maggie, you know she's unsure of people at first even if she knows them, and she's excited by other dogs. Unfortunately, she shows this by howling and she looks kinda scary when this happens. So we were a little nervous. BUT! She was a happy dog! She barked twice, she left other people and dogs alone (other than the occasional sniff) and overall, we are happy. Plus we aren't too sure of our time, it's been taking us roughly an hour to do 3 miles at home. We must have gotten off the wrong trail, but we'll take it! Back to home! [133/365] #photoaday #5k #TailsNTrails #photofitchick #MyPupMaggie πŸ’™πŸΆ
#MyPupMaggie and I went on a walk with Andrew today, just like we did yesterday. Except this time, we went through campus! So here's this cute picture of us in front of Old Main. ❀ ALSO! We are doing a 5k on the 13 together! So excited. ❀ #photofitchick
#MyPupMaggie who is my #BFF! She and I, plus the boyfriend went on another long walk today! Yesterday we walked around campus, but today we walked through it. Sooo this is Maggie and I in front of Old Main. Also, Andrew and I signed up for a 5k on May 13th! And Maggie gets to come with! So we are kinda working on that. ❀ #28dayjumpstart #notsoperfectstorm #fitgirlsguide #fitgirls #charitymiles @fitgirls @fitgirlsguide #fitgirlsphotochallenge
#myPupMaggie met the statues at the National Music Museum and wasn't too sure of them! ❀
It's been a long day. It rained all day, but I got a lot done. We did all the laundry and folded it. We went grocery shopping for me. I then starting the planning for Madison's guard fundraisers. Then I had a dinner with my 2 leaders of the USD guard and talked planning for the upcoming year with them. And then back to planning for Madison's practice this weekend. I'm tired. My puppy is tired. And I'm sure the boyfriend studying at the MUC is tired too. But for us girls, we are going to bed. Good night. [120/365] #photoaday #myPupMaggie #whosleepsonfoldedlaundry #andnotonherpillow
Happy #EarthDay Mother Nature ❀ We went on a walk today at the Missouri River overlook. 😊 [112/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
She's literally my favorite. She curls up to any pillow she can find and I mean, she's adorable, right?! #MyPupMaggie #photoaday [104/365] #dogsofinsta
It's National Pet day, so our family is celebrating with some ice cream. I love our little furry friend who apparently needs attention at all times. ❀🐢🍦[101/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie #PupIceCream #NationalPetDay
When you give your dog puppy ice cream, please know that she will be the cutest while eating, and will lick it clean. 🐢🍦 [87/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
More cuddly dog pictures because why not when she's this precious. #MyPupMaggie [80/365] #photoaday 🐢
So story time, but first, let's start off with the fact that everyone is okay. So yesterday, all three of us decided to enjoy the weather and go outside. We went to Yankton for some treats for our doggy then back to Vermillion to go walk around. Flash forward a bit, and we are driving back to our house, and we drive by a park, with a group of people pushing strollers, kids, and 2 dog on the sidewalk. Our Maggie gets extremely excited, puts her paws up on the open window and all of a sudden is now jumping out the window of our moving vehicle. Like I said, everyone is okay. We both were watching her in the back seat as we were driving up to these people, Andrew threw his mirror and me by looking behind him. The road we were on is a very low speed limit, but he was already going slow as it was. We were extremely lucky there was no car behind us and no cars coming towards us. He hit the brakes and I was already outside of the truck before we stopped. She didn't land pretty, but by the time I had gotten around the truck, she was already at the sidewalk with the other people who were just as concerned as we were. She came to me and hopped into the truck by herself. Good sign. We kept an eye on her for the remainder of the night, and nothing seemed odd or different with her, other than her sleeping the entirety of the time she usually stays awake with us. Today? Oofta. She's bringing us her toys. Barking when there's nothing to bark at. She's cuddling with us. She's begging for treats and to be petted. She's acting like our normal Maggie. So we are incredibly lucky. Our dog is a goof, and insane for that matter, but she's a goofy good dog. [79/365] #photoaDay #MyPupMaggie
#MyPupMaggie and Andrew earlier today, trying out some tricks. 😊 [74/365] #photoaday
I spent my day with #MyPupMaggie because I stay home from work today. Needless to say, my dog is the cutest when she does cuddle with me. [72/365] #photoaday
Nice March days means we go on walks again with #MyPupMaggie and I think she's okay with that. [64/365] #photoaday
Cuddle time with boyfriend and pupper is my favorite time. πŸ˜‹ [58/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
It's 70 degrees in #SouthDakota in February. So naturally, I grabbed a pair of Andrew's shorts, got us some cheesecake, milk in our new mugs, and decided to sit on the porch with #MyPupMaggie. 😊 [52/365] #photoaday
Andrew and I bought a crate for Maggie and her too many toys. It was a simple wooden crate and he sanded it down. He spray painted it purple, and I painted on the stencils, and Maggie was a good sport with letting me paint her paw to stamp them on her crate. I would say it was a productive weekend! [50/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie #dogtoys
Maggie is my photo of the day because she is pouting, hardcore. Andrew took away her bone because it was getting to the end and we didn't want her to choke, and she's been searching for it since she came back outside and keeps pacing. After telling her to lay down, she moped onto the floor, not even on her pillow. [44/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie #DramaQueen
She's a goofy dog but at least she's my goofy dog. [39/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie #ShesComfy #WeGoogledIt 🐢
#MyPupMaggie did a new trick tonight! Playing Peek-A-Boo with Andrew! Took her a little bit tonight to figure out what to do when she didn't have tape on her head, but she did it!
Another dog post because she's adorable when she smells something. Featuring the boyfriend who's doing his homework. [31/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
Someone got her stitches out today! And even though she barked at the Vet, she was a good girl. And she left happy and that's all I care about! [26/365] #MyPupMaggie #PhotoADay
I wasn't going to post a picture of the dogs for the #photoaday, but Maggie brought me a rope, but Dixie got interested and they ended up playing #TugOfAWar together. If you know #MyPupMaggie, you know she's turned into a grump with other dogs. But apparently #MyPupDixie is starting to rub off on her finally! [23/365] 🐢🐢
These two dogs have been keeping me company for the past week, as well as my family & my boyfriend. I have loved all the puppy snuggles, kisses, and warmth. Thank you #MyPupDixie and #MyPupMaggie 🐢 #photoaday [19/365]
My #tonsillectomy diet has been full of jello, pudding, ice cream, soups, and mashed potatoes. But I asked Andrew to bring home some #yummyPho since I don't get it enough, plus I'm in a lot more pain today. But he even cut the noodles and chicken so that way I could enjoy it more. So thank you Andrew for food, and Maggie for the puppy cuddles. [18/365] #photoaday 🍲 #MyPupMaggie #recovery #iwantnormalfood
Our poor little fur baby. She has had a mass on her left eye for quite sometime, and we felt it was time to remove it. She's such a brave little baby, but she's conked out now. And soon, she'll have to wear the cone. But here's our Maggie, all tucked into the blanket she has in the car and I lended her my pillow. πŸ’œ [16/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie #furbaby 🐢
I miss this stoic stance. Waiting for dinner... #mypupmaggie
I don't get to see this car in my yard very often... My little girl is home for a few weeks! That also means that #mypupmaggie is here too!
Andrew got a trick learning book for #MyPupMaggie and we've been able to successfully teach her some of the cute ones. Right now she's learning "bang" to play dead. This gift may also be more for Andrew than it is to Maggie, but she's getting treats out of it so who cares? #photoaday #dogsofinsta [7/365]
We like to give our Maggie bandanas to wear, and I just think she looks precious even if I I had to hold her still with a treat. [3/365] πŸ’–πŸΆπŸ’– #MyPupMaggie #dogsofinsta #photoaday
Don't even get me started on these two. Ugh. #MyPupMaggie and my so called #boyfriend who I'm pretty sure both don't love me.
6 years ago yesterday we picked up Maggie. 6 years!! I can't believe how big she's gotten! But yet this pose of hers is pretty natural. One thing is for sure, her personality is huge, she'll go from begging to petted by shoved her nose underneath your hand, to growling in play at you for trying to take her toys. I love #MyPupMaggie, happy late adopted day ❀️🐢❀️
Must be ruff to be a dog on a road trip. Hope you're enjoying my pillowπŸ’œπŸΆπŸ’œ #MyPupMaggie #BackToSouthDakota
Words can't explain how happy I am for my family! Like many of you know, #MyPupMaggie stayed at my Colorado home while I was in college, but recently moved to South Dakota in May after I graduated to live with Andrew and I. They have officially had no kids or a dog since then. Well, today that changed, and I love her already! Meet #MyPupDixie! 🐢🐢 @susanbaggett @reciffo
#MyPupMaggie and I hiding from the #roomba. Breaking rules, dog is on the couch! Shhhh, don't tell mom and dad
Guess who is visiting me!?!? #mypupmaggie
Still isn't easy to get a photo from her... #mypupmaggie @aacandela91 @photographer_guardgirl
Visited Jennifer and Andrew then a quick stop to see Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! #mypupmaggie
Andrew went to work today, which meant Maggie and I got to cuddle and sleep in. πŸΆπŸ’€ #MyPupMaggie
My 4 legged baby! Missing the kids in South Dakota! @photographer_guardgirl @aacandela91 #mypupmaggie.
I missed #MyPupMaggie ❀️🐢 Glad I'm home!
The definition of pathetic, with boyfriend and his other girlfriend, also known as #MyPupMaggie
Happy National Dog day to #MyPupMaggie who makes coming home so much better ❀️🐢❀️ #NationalDogDay #DogsOfInsta
My dog is literally the cutest. #MyPupMaggie #barkbox 🐢
The strangest boyfriend ever with the strangest dog. #mypupmaggie #checkingmyemail
Our little happy family on top of #SpiritMound. Although it was super hot, had some fun on a quick little hike with our friends Morgan and TJ. #MyPupMaggie making yet another appearance, cause she's cute πŸ’œπŸΆπŸ’œ
@barkbox Meet #MyPupMaggie, obviously a #WorldChampion! She's really good at high fives and eating treats πŸ˜‰πŸΆπŸ‘πŸΌ Thank you so much #barkbox!
My 11 days of walmart work in a row is officially over. I'm going to drink this, nap, and play with #mypupmaggie. Cheers to the freaking weekend! #3dayweekend #peaceout
Although I won't be able to see them until tomorrow, I'm very excited to see Andrew and #mypupmaggie!
#MyPupMaggie got her first #barkbox today and she's all about the treats! Obviously this is adorable
#MyPupMaggie makes pictures difficult, she's too interested in us to actually do what we ask. But I guess that's okay, she's pretty cute. 😊🐢🏑 #NewAdventures #707Main
I really wanted to have a cute picture of Andrew, Maggie, and myself in front of our new house #707Main but let's be honest, we haven't changed from our packing clothes in the last 2 days and moving is rough. But nothing is really cuter then playing hide and go seek in our Jack and Jill closet with our pupster. Pretty much a happy camper! #MyPupMaggie #NewAdventures #Home 🐢❀️🏑
More happy dog pictures because I like my dog. (: #mypupmaggie #dogsofinstagram 🐢❀️
She's so pretty and I'm happy and I missed her and I love her πŸΆπŸ’– #mypupmaggie #puppy #furfriend
Tomorrow is a big day. For one, Andrew will be coming back from Colorado vacation for the past week, meaning I can have proper dinners again. I can't cook for myself. πŸ™ˆ And secondly, he'll be coming home with my dog, Maggie. It's weird to think that I haven't lived with her consistently since 4 years ago. It's weird to think that my family got her in the middle of my Junior year of HS, just after marching band season. She was 3 months old. I know this is specifically harder on my mom than anyone, as Dustin moved out this February. So it's mainly been just her and Maggie depending on Dad's schedule. This just means I send pictures of her to my mom like she has been doing to me for the last 4 years. I can't explain how excited I am that I get to live with my furry friend. Maggie is coming to South Dakota ❀️ #mypupmaggie
My baby has no idea that her life is going to change tomorrow. She heads off to South Dakota to be with her owner Jennifer. I know she will be taken care of but like my children you still worry. @aacandela91 @photographer_guardgirl take good care of her. #mypupmaggie
In just a few short weeks this girl is heading off to school... University of South Dakota... J/k... She is going to be with her owner Jennifer in South Dakota. Going to miss her tons. #mypupmaggie #sunbathing
My freshman year, my mom gave me a care package that consisted of a stuffed animal dog, named Ruby. Mom wrote a note that said "This is Ruby, Maggie's sister!" Because they looked so similar. Flash forward to today, where everyone knows that I'm just trying to get my furry friend Maggie to South Dakota to live with us next year. I love #mypupmaggie and can't get wait to get dog kisses and snuggles again! Happy National Dog Day!!
Every morning she goes out and barks, runs and does puppy things and then barks to be let in 20 minutes later. On snow days you basically have to drag her back in because she is playing in the snow and doesn't want to come in. She was one wet dog this morning. Love her. #nationalpuppyday #mypupmaggie @photographer_fitchick @aacandela91
A snow dog is better than a snow day... When you don't get a snow day. #mypupmaggie @photographer_fitchick @aacandela91
Friday morning meetings. She's paying attention. #mypupmaggie @photographer_fitchick @aacandela91
#Repost @susanbaggett β€’ @photographer_fitchick treats will get the good picture. She's fine! #mypupmaggie β€’β€’ I miss my family and I miss home and I miss Colorado. I had a bad dream about my dog, mom not telling me that she was missing and that something had happened to her, and every time I would almost find out, my alarms would go off and it would start again. I requested a photo from my mom. I miss you #mypupmaggie, the one and only ❀️🐢❀️
For @photographer_fitchick treats will get the good picture. She's fine! #mypupmaggie @aacandela91
I love when I go on walksπŸΎπŸšΆπŸ»πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§πŸ•πŸšΆπŸ» #maggie #pup #puppy #dogstagram #dogs #dog #dogsofinstagram #puppyy #maggies #ilovemaggie #loveyourdog #ilovedogs #adoptdontshop #dogsaremytherapy #doggies #doggie #lovedoggies #mypupmaggie
Another Maggie post! (she needs her own account) first snow pix of the year for Maggie. #mypupmaggie @photographer_fitchick @aacandela91
He has her total attention. She loves peanut butter. #mypupmaggie #photographershousesarealwaysmessy
She's in rare form tonight. Just might have her trained to understand what the rope is... #mypupmaggie #girlsjustwanttohavefun
I like to break the rules when I'm home. Which means #MyPupMaggie gets to cuddle with me on the couch. πŸ˜‹πŸΆ Shhh.. Don't tell mom. ❀️
It's beginning to look a lot like #Christmas. Oh and I get to be with #mypupmaggie which is also the best 😁
She may be my most difficult client yet... But she's getting better at posing. #mypupmaggie
I love my family and I love #mypupmaggie. So happy to be back with this girl for the week!!