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Cure for a Dog that won't stop whining? Frosty Paws ice cream. ❤️ But in all seriousness, our pupster constantly whines, and we can't find out why. Help? [260/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie #dogsofinstagram
Maggie was accepted into Bark University! Her course dogalog is included in the next picture. This is by far one of the cutest BarkBox themes! We even got a frat boy and pup noodles for toys! #BARKuniversity #BarkBoxDay [256/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
Puppy snout. 🐶 [254/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
I came home after physical therapy to a dog who wanted to cuddle and of course I couldn't say no to this face. [249/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
Our fur baby turned 7 today. 7! So we spoiled her even more than she already is, with some puppy ice cream and another stuffed animal toy. 💜 [246/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
Who's the cutest dog? My Maggie is! Happy National Dog Day to all fur babies around, but especially my fur baby. [238/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie #NationalDogDay
Andrew was helping me making USD's sticker chart for their check offs, and because Maggie is the center of attention at all times, she managed to squeeze herself in between us. 😊😊 [235/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
Maggie has been my cuddle bug this weekend. Somewhere in the middle of this injury, I also caught a flu or something along those lines. Lots of coughing and wheezing, but she's been snuggling with me on the couch and I really have enjoyed that. 😊 [232/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie #puppy
Love my pupster. #MyPupMaggie [229/365] #photoaday
Puppy cause she's cute. [214/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
She's been super cuddly with me lately which makes me happy. [209/365] #photoaday #mypupmaggie
Maggie and I are home alone for the weekend, so I felt like we need to take a walk. My furball got extremely tired, and I decided to cut it short. But it's okay. Time for water and relaxation! [195/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie #charitymiles #photofitchick
I love this dog, have I told you that? Because I do. And you should too. [193/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
Everyone's still a little exhausted from their weekend. Even our Maggie, who's been playing with Sky and Mya since Thursday. ❤ Glad to be back home and with our pupster again. [190/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
I don't know guys, #MyPupMaggie continues to get cuter every day. This is her toy sloth, and I think she loves it just as much as I love her. [186/365] #photoaday #ThanksBarkBox
I called her onto the couch, but apparently it meant that she needed to lay on top of me. But cuddle time is the best time. [184/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
We would all rather just lay and cuddle on the couch instead of being at work again in 30 minutes. [172/365] #photoaday #mypupmaggie #inventory
It's been a cuddle and do nothing kind of day, but we're not really sure why Maggie is wanting to cuddle with her butt in the air? [169/365] #photoaday #mypupmaggie #weirddog
She's so my opposite. She wears white, she's a morning dog, doesn't need coffee before 6am and likes to go running (in the yard). #MyPupDixie