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As some of you know, my parents are in an interfaith marriage. I've been truly impressed by God this trip. 2 days ago, I casually mentioned that I'd been listening to "Reckless Love" by @coryasbury and I played it for my dad in his Lexus. Well, he loved it. We proceeded to listen to several @bethelmusic songs, driving down the coast from Malibu to Santa Monica. He was humming along & saying how @steffanydawn had the most amazing voice. This moment was monumental in my life. I remember when I had to turn my worship music wayyyy down in my room because I didn't want to upset him. #Jesus #socality #Jesusis #Jesusloves #miracles #Jewish #bethelmusic #worship #truefood #losangeles #wordofpraise
Miracles always happen, when you "Believe" . #Miracles
Your life will change drastically in recovery, but it won’t just be about mocktails, designated driving, and AA. It will be about how you feel. It will be about your health, your relationships, your coping mechanisms and your communication. You will finally feel like you are truly living. - Kelly Fitzgerald ( @kelfitz11) of The Sober Señorita shares 5 incredible ways that your life will change in recovery. |link in bio|
✨ Culte de M I R A C L E S ✨ Quelque soit ton besoin, rejoins-nous ce dimanche 26 novembre au CCNV Marseille pour recevoir quelque chose de la part du Seigneur 🙌🏼 Si il y a des situations dans ta vie qui doivent changer, ta santé, ton travail, ta famille ... ensemble nous allons chercher le miracle de Dieu 🔥 Jésus t'aime, il veut te bénir, te guérir, te transformer ! Prépares ton cœur à recevoir le meilleur et le nouveau que le Seigneur a pour toi. • • • 📍CCNV Marseille, 75 la Canebière, Entrée LE LIVE, 13001 Marseille 📆 Dimanche 26 novembre ⏰ Café d'accueil à partir de 10h15 // Début du culte à 10h30 • • • #CCNV #Marseille #Miracles #Foi #Jésus #Prière #Victoire #Louange #ToutEstPossibleÀCeluiQuiCroit
I'm not someone who celebrates thanksgiving, or a religious person but I always thank god and the universe for what I have. Specially when I'm tired, Thank God and the universe I have something to be tired about, and that I have 2 jobs I could be jobless and it could be worse.💜 #grateful #universe #god #miracles #mindset #positive #positivemindset #zen #goodvibesj
Always so darn happy to spend time with this silly family #thankful #for #miracles
Because somewhere at the bottom of a cup of tea 🍵 with a loved one ..could be the answer to it all ❤️🙏🏻✨😘 🌎🔮📿 #likeattractslike #changeyourmindchangeyourlife
I just got offered a job as a Behavioral Health Technician for adolescents. I couldn't be more grateful at this very moment. Even when life gets rough, you continue to do the right thing and the miracles will continue to happen. Recovery is the gift that just keeps giving. #recovery #miracles #giveback #savelives
They were initially called the "White Stockings", a nickname quickly shortened to White Sox by the press. In 1912, the team started wearing the first incarnation of its "SOX" logo on the shirts. Las Medias Blancas. "Your going to show how great you are" "Keep your Believe up your day is coming" #strita #chicagowhitesox #chisox #timeisnow #teammates #faith #hope #miracles
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FOR DELAY IS NOT DENIAL !!! Delayed answers to prayers can often times be the evidence that God is doing something BIGGER you didn't even think of, so don't worry about when your time will come..... "Your miracle may be taking a long time but God didn't bring you this far to leave you". Keep growing and preparing, and the right doors will open. MAY ALL OUR HEART DESIRES COME TO PASS IN JESUS NAME, AMEN!!! . . "For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God". 2 Corinthians 1:20 . . Good night Beautiful People ! . . . . . . #askdamz #jesusbaby #thankful #grateful #christ #saviour #redeemed #possibility #grace #love #mercy #healthy #living #lifestyle #healing #health #divine #wisdom #kids #mother #motherslove #life #abundance #provision #fire #miracles
December 10 A day of working with Light join us in Newport Beach #lightworker #miracles #healersunite #laurettedejulian