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Call me by real name, call me all the time.
For my people, tryna stay alive and just stay peaceful
You have to take sometime out of the hustle to sit back and admire natures beauty 🙌🏻 #letravelogger
It was worth the stop over in #singapore just to see #gardensbythebay.
📍Chicago, IL, USA When you pinch yourself because it's @chicago and it's home. ❤️ No place I'd rather be.
Staycation begins right MEOW 😻
Ну що, повертаємося до морька? Вже скоро-скоро ми можемо насолоджуватися відпочинком в моїй улюбленій Хорватії! З 16.06. летимо зі Львова на 7 або 14 ночей. Ні, ну раптом ви хочете, можна і на 21 😉 #croatia #adriatic #arrivederci_travel_company
Stumbled upon some of my old photos from Alaska and had to share! This is a photo of the Hubbard glacier- I still remember the sound of the ice cracking and breaking off. It's so loud especially amongst the complete silence of this wild terrain, it was an incredible experience. #alaska
Ireland, you sure are stunning #ButWheresMyGuinness #CliffsOfMoher #Ireland 🇮🇪
✨New Vlog Post!✨Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a tree house?! Comment your thoughts! • • Click the Link in the Bio to see the full video or visit: https://goo.gl/KIgYfY 🇲🇽 😆
Meet Leila June Starkey, my new little bae. She likes snoozin', stuffed rabbits and 💩!
I obsessing over the new @lorealmakeup Lash Paradise mascara. Especially because it is a high end beauty dupe. Check out my full review on my blog to find out more. Link in bio ☝️☝️💄💄💄💄
my body is at work while my mind is pictured here
In order to succeed you need to make a jump!
▫️The not so typical Paris post. Not everyone is a fan of street art, but I happen to love this man's smile. ▫️ ▫️Thanks for the pic @daren_james
BARCELONA: I'd always heard people rave about la sagrada familia, so I decided to check it out for myself. I'm happy to say that it has exceeded expectations and more! La Sagrada Familia is so much more than a building, or even a church. It is a work of art and act of love from Gaudi to God, and his passion can be seen so clearly through the parts of the church created by him. Though the church has suffered quite a tragic past, I'm glad to say that its team of 3000 full time employees are working effortlessly to finish the church by 2026, the 100 year anniversary of Gaudi's death . . . . . #girlslovetravel #femmetravel #dametraveler #girlswhotravel #darlingescapes #wearetravelgirls #femaletravelbloggers #travelbff #travelgirl #sheisnotlost #ladiesgoneglobal #globelletravels #visualsoflife #exploretocreate #createexplore #playoftones #flashesofdelight #earthexclusive #earthinsight #ig_photoawards #awesupply #barcelona #barcelonagram #sagradafamilia #lasagradafamilia #sacredfamily #spain #spain🇪🇸
He knows what's up
Simple things 🙌🏻
miss you monaco 🏎♥️🌹
Evening lights 🌈 🚶🔜 #carnbystreet
New Zealand got us like ⚡️😳
Let's do lunch
You speak to me as if you're afraid we'll fall in love. @highpoetssociety
Dreams start small, I'm talking real fucking small. You just got to know when to run with them. @zimkhoward and I decided to sneak into il Duomo today & it 'twas a dope experience. Rules are meant to be broken people #alwaystruesummer
* perfect window view *
Aroundly: a new way of travel experience made in Italy! Download now! #app #apple #madeinitaly #android #trapani
happy weekend friends! Hope you get up to something fun 🌞(unlike me who is running errands and catching up on work all day 😋)
palm trees | ocean breeze
✌🏼Iceberg pieces that floated off |Newfoundland | May 20, 2017
She flies with her own wings 💜
Tucked on the edge of a wooded hillside in the Dordogne, you'll find the Maison des Fleurs. While away the days beneath clambering vines, then let birdsong lull you to sleep in clean & comfortable interiors. #SawdaysTravel #WhereToNext #MeetTheWorld #DarlingWeekend
It makes sense to bring 6 bathing suits on a Canada roadtrip in May, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. Here I am, in all of my layers, umbrella in hand, and praying for warmth and dryness. Because despite Canada being beautiful, it was also cold and wet. Parc Hautes Gorges granted us with some beautiful views in the few moments that it managed to stay dry. Despite our misfortune with rain, my college best friends and I had ourselves a trip to remember.
📍St Peter, Vatican We have arrived in Rome and we decided to sneak peak on the Vatican today...going back there to see the Basilica and it's amazing paintings! Already impressed by the enormousness of the monuments, palaces and ruins. Can't wait to see the Colosseum 😍
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El Retiro is often referred to as Madrid's "Central Park." Still, here its very possible to find corners where there is no one, something that rarely (if ever?) happens in actual Central Park!🌳
touring the Amalfi coast by boat today was the perfect end to our stay in Positano ✨
Cornwall looking like Palm Springs 🌵
Chocolate mint Praha
Industrial London 😍😍😍😭😭😭
🇫🇷 “Eve döndüğünüz zaman zafer taklarının altından geçeceksiniz” Napoléon Bonaparte, 1805. Yapımına 1806'da başlanmış ancak 1936'da tamamlanabilmiş Zafer Takı'nın merdivenleri...
10 years anniversary...when I reached the autonomous island of Zanzibar, my 100th country/territory visited and officially eligible to become a member of Travelers' Century Club 😂😭🤗 #Country100 #Zanzibar #StoneTown #TCC #TravelersCenturyClub #Tanzania #Africa #EastAfrica #2007 #EternityAndADay #travel #Travels #MeetTheWorld #GAdventures #CountryChallenge #NotSelfie #虹在天涯
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Melbourne skyline 📍: Melbourne, Australia 📷: @lhaxby
Puddle Jumpin' 🛩
//W H I T E O N W H I T E
Today was an exhausting day exploring the 30k and 10k zones surrounding the Chernobyl power plant in Ukraine, learning about what happened there in 1986 and the people who sacrificed their health and lives to make sure a second explosion didn't wipe out Europe. Schools, homes, hospitals and offices remain empty after entire populations were evacuated over 30 years ago and it's expected to remain uninhabitable for 800+ years. It is safe to visit the area, but only legal with a licensed guide, who helps keep you away from "hot spots." Radiation levels are measured on your way out to make sure you don't bring an unsafe level out with you, but they say a day's visit is about equal radiation exposure as a Transatlantic flight. While the radiation isn't concerning, the condition of the buildings is. I can't see it remaining accessible to visitors for much longer as the buildings are in decay. You have to wear closed toe shoes, not just because it's in the rules, but because the terrain is tough and littered with broken glass. When it comes to learning from past mistakes, visiting Chernobyl is very high on the list. Thank you @cobblestonefreeway and @chernobyltours for an extremely educational and fascinating day. #howdareshe #collectingcountries #ukraine #chernobyl #chernobylpowerplant #history #somber #pripyat #vsco #vscoukraine #vscokyiv #cftukraine #instagood #photooftheday #panasonicadvocate #pansonic #panasoniclumix #lumixlounge #lumix #lumixluminary #wherelumixgoes #traveldeeper
A beautiful park!
Beach empanadas are the best empanadas
Trên thế giới này, em là người duy nhất. Anh trân trọng cũng đc. Không trân trọng cũng được. Em cũng có giới hạn kiên nhẫn của mình . đừng đẩy em đi xa quá. Lạc mất em rồi, anh tìm không lại được nữa đâu #ontheboat #icute #speaker #quangngai #vietnam #girlswhotravel #darlingescapes #neverstopexploring #letsgoeverywhere #timeoutsociety #instapassport #instatravel #wanderlust #travelgram #adventure #travelphotography #roadtrip #nature #traveling #worldcaptures #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #worldplaces #travelstroke #travelawesome #darlingweekend #meettheworld