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Making my list while trying out new flavors for my liquid diet I start Monday. It's really happening! #excitedandnervous #wls #gastricbypass #lifechanges
The return trip has finished #1836 #Falmouth #Cornwall
I'm going on a journey,! A journey to change my habits that have led me to yo-yo dieting from as young as 16. I've been slim, I've been medium and I've been large. Having hit my all time high, it's time to make changes for good. I'm being coached with nutrition and fitness and after 2 weeks of battling with my sugar addiction, I'm making progress. My food has gone from ridiculously bad to healthy and balanced. I have energy and not craving sugar...check out an old habit v some meal and snack changes. #healthy #nutrition #lifechanges #timeforresults #determined @carrieluxembourg you rock!
~You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending~C.S. Lewis #soberwednesday #wickedwednesday #fitnessismyaddiction
You've gotta DANCE like there's nobody watching, LOVE like you'll never be hurt, SING like there's nobody listening, and LIVE like it's Heaven on Earth. #WilliamWPurkey #live #love #laugh #dance #smile #positivevibes #positiveenergy #lifelessons #lifechanges #motivation #inspiration #loveyourself #singlemomlife #goodvibrations
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Did you ever try to lose a few lbs.....lets be fair I'd imagine most of us have tried to lose those extra layers to try make ourselves feel a bit better. . I would also hazard a guess that most of us have gone a week of being 'healthy' seen no change and thought..."well screw that this isn't working" we might even get a few weeks in before we think it's not going to plan . Well here is some of the main reasons things might not be working for you.... . 📍Don't eat enough....yes that's right most people need to eat more . 📍Don't drink enough water . 📍You enjoy a few drinks over the weekend...followed by a "cheat meal"...followed by a "cheat day" . 📍You change to much to soon. . 📍You don't give it enough time . Making small changes over a period of time allows you to get your head around things easier. This would also apply to your calorie deficit, if your slightly under your BMR there is less chance of binging at the weekend. Maybe look at upping your exercise before decreasing your food. . But probably the most important thing is allowing the time for things to work, we all want things done yesterday however when it comes to the human body....it has it's own clock. . P.S. if your losing 1-2lbs per week your doing fine. At least you can be sure of maintaining more lean muscle tissue.
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Alright everyone I won't be posting pictures for a few days so I'll leave with this picture! Tomorrow being Thanksgiving and I also have some life changes and traveling once again, So on that note I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow and you fill up on some of your favorite foods! Stay amazing and stay blessed ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Early Turkey Day 🦃🦃
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The proof is in the pudding. Passion plus hard work gets results. Congratulations to my client! #fitnesstraining #fitnessfun #fitness #fit #lifestyle #health #healthylife #personaltraining #lifestyle #lifechanges #bodysculpting #bodybuilding #Desoto #cedarhilltx #results #success
Suspension Bridge - Bristol. I just moved to Bristol! Exploring a new city is exciting. New places to discover, new friends, new opportunities...Yet to my surprise, I missed London these days. The old and familiar, my Hampstead Heath, my friends. The image of this bridge reminds me of the way of saying "Don't burn your bridges behind you". Well I haven't yet, London is still there and I can always go back if I want to. I wonder though how much am I willing to let go of London if I know I can always go back there? How much am I prepared to risk if I left all my bridges intact? This reminds me of the time when I took a sabbatical year and moved to Bali. Living in Bali was my dream for a long time so I decided to give it a go. I planned, got rid of most of my stuff, packed and off I went to explore the paradise on earth by myself without knowing anyone there. Mixture of excitement and fear accompanied me to the airport but I walked into the airplane happy as I was reaching out for my dream. I lived in Bali for 6 months and I had the most amazing experiences there. I met many beautiful and inspiring people and I was trying to find a way of making a living in Bali. It didn’t work out the way I expected. Looking back at that experience I asked myself many times: if I haven’t had a job waiting for me in London, would I have put more effort and determination in finding a way of staying in Bali? Deep down I know I would. Therefore, I am not sure about having so called “security net” or leaving the bridges behind is helpful when it comes to make changes in life either if it is changing jobs,cities,continents or partners. Perhaps better approach is jumping off the bridge? Meaning jumping into the unknown fully. It is definitely more scary just to jump into the abyss but how long can we hang on to the securities that no longer serve us? #newlife #lifechanges #newcity #movingcity #bristol #bridges #blackandwhitephoto #newbeginnings #newbeginningsahead #takingrisks #lifecouch #lifecoachforwomen #lifeinspiration #motivationalquotes #motivationforchange #blogging #blogging ideas