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you are my favorite notification 👈🏻👈🏻 #ldr
I know you dont care and you probably won't even read this. You were my first true love. Thinking about every moment we had over the years just.. Makes me wonder how we got to this point. I want to be in your life.. Even if its just a tiny bit because you're everything in mine.. Even if it hurts. I dont want our friendship to be awkward? I just.. Everything I do, I think of you. Everything that happens to me, I want to tell you first. Tell me why when I try to meet people, I look for people just like you. They dont even compare though.. I'm sitting in the dark crying bevause I dont understand how I let you slip away.. You will always be my main goal.. I dont care what shit you throw at me or what life throws at me either.. I am broken.. Officially broken.. Because I dont have you.. As anything anymore.. You're the only person who knows where the pieces of my heart lay.. I dont know why I love you.. I dont know why.. By this point I hope youre not even reading this.. You make me feel better. I could be crying and you could say its going to be alright and id believe you. You made me look forward to the next day because I had you to talk too. I was in love with you.. And maybe I still am? I dont know.. I dont think I am.. But I cry over you still.. I can't even move on.. Its been more then half a year and I can't move on.. Nobody knows me like you do. I cant lose you.. :( you're the only person I have left.. 😔 If it was true, it'll hurt.. If it wasn't true.. It won't.. All I see is you.. And I'm sorry.. * * #lesbian #lesbians #bisexual #bisexuals #bisexualgirls #bisexualcouple #lesbiancouple #girlslovegirls #girlskissgirls #transgender #pansexual #gay #genderfluid #lesbiansofig #hitmeup #lgbt #lgbtpride #loveislove #lgbt🌈 #lgbtq #loveisloveislove #girlslikegirls #ladieshmu #dmme #ldr #ldrlesbians #longdistance #lesbianpride #bisexualpride
I love finding random videos of Lana/lizzy I've never seen before
Caleb: Hi Tito! 👶🏻 Babz: Hi baby! 👦🏻 Caleb: (Sabay yakap sakn! 😍) Marunong na syang magpaselos! 😱😂 #BabyCaleb #Tabz&Babz #LDR
I have a soft spot for flowers ❤️ 🌺 #birthdayflowers #ldr
I'm not perfect and I'll be the first one to tell you. I'm not somebody who's going to put myself out there for everybody to see. I try to act like I'm tough all the time, but really I'm scared about a lot. You could compliment me 50 times and I might only accept three of them and then continue to think you're just being nice to me. I'll apologize a thousand times to you even when I've done nothing wrong and if you were the one that hurt me. I dont trust easily because to me everybody will leave eventually. No matter how close you are, people will make up lies and they'll choose to believe them. So why should I open up to somebody who will leave anyway? I'm not somebody who likes going out to a lot of parties. I dont need to drink or smoke to have a good time. I constantly think about everything and live in a world of "what if's." I'm terrified to put my heart into the open because its hard for me to accept what love actually is. My heart is bruised, beaten and shattered into a million pieces. I don't think I'll ever find all the pieces. These are some of the main facts that make me me. I'm a work in progress and I'm still learning everyday. So if you think I'm to hard to handle then you can walk out, but if you choose to stay, realize that I won't always agree with you, that I may not want to do the same things that you're into and that I probably will question you over the same things all the time. If you want to stay, I thank you. If you want to Go.. Well.. I can't stop you.. * * #lesbian #lesbians #bisexual #bisexuals #bisexualgirls #bisexualcouple #lesbiancouple #girlslovegirls #girlskissgirls #transgender #pansexual #gay #genderfluid #lesbiansofig #hitmeup #lgbt #lgbtpride #loveislove #lgbt🌈 #lgbtq #loveisloveislove #girlslikegirls #ladieshmu #dmme #ldr #ldrlesbians #longdistance #lesbianpride #bisexualpride
You are my single most important aspect of my life #fromHim❤️😘 #LDR #goodnight #goodmorning.